Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Straight Story and Basic Instinct

There are not that many good live action G movies. there are also not that many good G movies directed by David Lynch. Yes I said David Lynch.
This film's title says it all. The Straight Story. It is how it is. He's a simple man and all he wants to do is see his brother. However he travels there on his lawn mower and a trailer.
It's so simple and really reminds me of something from the 40's. Richard Farnsworth gives a really great performance as this old stubbern man who doesn't want a ride he wants to take this trip alone.
Knowing David Lynch directed this you think it's gonna be weird. it's really not and in fact i think it's very excessable. i would reccomend this film to someone who was in there 80's. But I also think that all ages would get it.
It is a simple movie i guess but it's not like that simple. it's also really intresting to see a film by David Lynch that is nothing like what we know him for and pull it off this well. it shows how strong of a director Lynch really is.
I think if you like movies at all this is something you will defently like. check it out.

At the begining of any decade it takes a little bit for a culture to shift. All though our current decade had it's culture shift happened rather aburptly on september 11th. The 90's took a little while. All though most music and culture shifted with Nirvana and grudge it took the movies until about Pulp Fiction to really change. Case in point is Basic Instinct. This really almost like an 80's movie. But The 80's were over at the time and things needed a change. Thus why everyone stoped doing all that 80's stuff. There you have Basic Instinct.
All though it uses staples of any early 90's films. Overscoring and excessive violence for like no reason. Also it's dumb as crap. I mean how twists are we gonna have in this thing. Sharon Stone does a good job. but it's a good job in a stupid movie. alot like getting straight A's in summer school.
This film trys to be a hitchcock influence. Thinking that the overscoring will help. Really it's stupid and obvious. and makes me just wanna see those instead of this.
Sharon Ston even trys to dress like Kim Novak in vertigo. However it was such an obvious reference I think the movie kinda trips over it.
They try to use the hitchcock's use of women but really just make me think that the film makers have the view of women that most 6 year old boys do of girls. actually i think 6 year old boys have a better attutde. They seem to feel all women are evil. well maybe not all but it doesn't make women look very good.
But all in all this is a well made guily pleasure. that's it, to compare this to a serious film is laughable. I think Michael Douglas should learn what made his father such an awesome actor. he picked good movies. yeah he did try doing some of that. of course he did.
This is well made and has some really well made sequences. but the only reason to see it rather then a guily pleasure i guess is to be like well i saw it. well bravo but i hope unlike myself that you have better stuff to do. cause this was really just ok.


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