Friday, February 13, 2009

Inglorious Bastards Trailer and he's just not that into you

I've been reading about this film for probably 10 years. And Tarantino has been working on it since Jackie Brown. So obviously there is alot of hype. The trailer dropped yesterday.
All though I like the visuals. I kinda have alot of doubts about Brad Pitt. I kinda don't entirely like his accent and I'm not sure about his acting. all though each time I have to admit it has grown on me.
Other then that it looked coo.
I know everyone says Tarantino will never make a film better then Pulp Fiction. Well Truffaut never made a film better then 400 blows and Orson Wells never made a better film then Citizen Kane. But they had other good movies. I do accept a good movie and we'll see. I still think Tarantino has yet to make a bad film. and grindhouse was what it was and I'm not dissing it sorry.

All i have to say is ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. WHY REALLY WHY, WHY DID THEY DO THIS. this looks horriable. there is no way in hell i will ever see this fucking movie ever.
I also wanna say this if you see this film without seeing the original you are not only boring but also failure as a fucking human being.
Who the fuck says sir they capurted pelham one two three. like he knows what that means. he'll be like the hell did you just say to me. You know the 6 train and then he'd say oooooooooo. yeah cause that is dumb he would have just said the 6 train has been capurted by terroists. thats it.
Seriously out of spite don't see this movie.
The Original is one of the best hostage movies ever and stars both Robert Shaw and Walter Mathau in a great fun and well acted film. I also think it's one of the best new york movies ever. Really see that movie first off i believe it's cheaper then seeing that.
Just wow it's even worse then i imagined. please do not see this film. if someone has a gun to your head just be like ok pull the trigger i don't wanna do this anymore if i have to sit through that.

So I'm sure your all like wait what. Yeah well my girlfriend wanted to see this so i went. anyway yeah this movie isn't very good. i mean i could go all like how can women be into this mindless entertainment. less then a year ago i saw a movie called Dragon Wars and loved it. seriously can i even get on a high horse. no and neither can alot of us. cause honestly there are just as many stupid dick flicks as there are stupid chick flicks.
However regardless this movie kinda sucks. I mean you know a movie's bad when at the end when these characters finally get together and the audience was laughing.
Really this is completely unrealistic and even the parts that some people seem to like are pretty dumb. when drew berrymore is complaining about how she's been rejected by multiple technologies and misses her old answering machine with one tape. well too bad your fucking old. jeez get the fuck with it. it's 2009. the whole time i'm just like ok well most people my age don't really mind. but since your all old as fucking crap you don't like myspace. No crap myspace and facebook weren't made for you. no wonder you don't like it. I don't watch high school the musical and complain the whole time. ok so really just that was dumb.
Most of the women in this seem to be mainly concerned with marraige or finding the perfect guy. This film acts like feminst film making never happened and I'm willing to bet that the director probably hasn't seen one of those films ever.
Also this film takes place in baltimore. I really loved how they combinded David Simons Realism from the wire with there romantic comedy. oo wait I'm fucking with you. no this movie is a baltimore I have never ever ever been too. I didn't know baltimore had so many white yuppies in it. and so few black people. also how come baltimore looked so much like annapolis sometimes. really i don't think these people have really been too far outside there hotel rooms in baltimore to know much about it. However the many natie boh refferences were very very nice and i have to give them props for that one. and espically bottled nattie bohs which you don't see as much so bravo on that seriously.
If your gonna have a good time with your girlfriends see this movie. and other way you see this movie it's not gonna work cause it's kinda bad.


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