Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Reader and For your eyes only

Yeah so I saw all the best picture nominees. and before the oscars too. Crazy. This one. well ok I mean it's an ok movie it works and all. but it just wasn't that good. I'm not sure why Kate Winslet was being raved about in this film. frankly she was good but not like blew me away kinda stuff.
I liked the boy in the first half of the film. He might have been my favorite actor in the whole film. Also Ralph Finnes was coo too. Nto great but he's good in anything.
The whole concept as well is that I guess you find out later in the film that she can't read. All though isn't so obvious you can see it coming a mile away. actually maybe further then that. it's pretty obvious she can't read. So the big point of the movie is kinda dumb.
I'm not sure what the kind of point is of this film. Surely it should have been made a while ago. It probably would have seemed more apporperate 10 years ago. Thats when the academy used to love crap like this. But unlike Benjamin Button it doesn't improve on one of those old 90's bullshit awards movies. (even thought benjamin button didn't improve it all the much). So this movie is kinda lost. Yeah it's a little better then a tv movie but it doesn't have a place. And I don't think anyone is really all the intrested in it to care too.
Honestly this was ok I guess you can go see it but I'm hoping you have better things to do.

Ok in case your wondering. I put the best picture nominees in order of quality ,the top being good the bottom being bad. so if you wanna rush out and see one this weekend. you can make sure to see a better one.

Slumdog Millionaire
The curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Frost / Nixon

I actually have seen this before. When I was like 15 in my friends basement. It was one of the first dvds I had seen. but I didn't like it then because i was being a snob. However what do i think of it now?

Rodger Moore finally makes a great bond movie. Finally after sitting through all those crap fests that were the previous 4 films (live and let die, The man with the golden gun, the spy who loved me, and moonraker) he did as bond. Made Connery look like god in comparision. I don't know if acting wise he ever topped Connery at least in this film there's somewhat of a fighting chance.
Sure this movie is kinda cheese as are all Rodger Moore. But after a while it forgets about that and just wants to make a great bond movie. The music cues are almost laughable but it kinda lives in this cheesie place. And once you get over it and go with it. It's a worth ride.
It's also really really well made. After sitting through the man with the golden gun. I kinda thought all Rodger Moore was badly made. Boy was I wrong. They really uped the ante techincally. It's very well shot and edited and might be the best made Bond movie of the 70's. The underwater stuff make thunderball look stupid. There's just so much detail and really cinematography. not just look at this underwater camera. ther was some really good underwater stuff.
Also the script and direction was really strong they kept everything simple. So it doesn't get to overly complicated but it's still a good James Bond movie.
Apprently it was supposed to be the last Rodger Moore movie. Unforently he made 2 more that are supposed to be really bad. all though I've seen octopussy which is bad. I havn't seen his last one yet.
If I was gonna tell you what James Bond movies are the best. This would be on my list. Defently one of the best James Bond movies ever. It's also without a doubt the best Rodger Moore Bond. Really just if you wanna see a great bond movie. Also it's a great early 80's action movie.

Also Marvel made an adaptation of this film. Figured I'd put these covers up


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