Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Expectations and the Last Man on Earth

David Lean is a great film maker and Great Expectations is further evidence of that. But come on you know David Lean is great all ready. This film even without the story and all that is one of the best made films i have ever seen. Just technically. seriously like all raging bull and shit.
Just like really nice looking it will be amazing even with the sound off.
The plot I have to be honest the films plot is just kinda fucking stupid. I know people like Dickens and stuff. But this is kinda close to the plot of gossip girl or something. it's just i don't know but while watching the movie it doesn't feel like that probably the strenght of David Lean's direction. But it really didn't bug me until I thought about it later.
The acting in this is good as well and includes the very first speaking role from Alec Guniness who Lean discovered while in the play version of Great Expectations. Lean ended up casting him tons of times.
I really liked this movie and I don't really read that much. I know David Lean didn't either and that might be what gave me an advantage from the other directors that have tryed. This film really really works and kinda wish this would get on more best of all time list then like Doctor Zhivago. I really don't like that movie. well it's well made but. ok anyway Great Expectations is a wonderful film and a great 40's film. if you like dickens i hear it's really great but even if you don't it's still really great. seriously go see it.

Remember I am Legend. Well it was the third film based on the novel "I am Legend" by Richard Matheson. The first was this film (the last man on earth), The second being Omega Man and the third is I am Legend. I've only seen the first and third. This one's way better.
You've got vincet price and that for me is good enough but him going around taking care of zombies even cooler. He plays the lonely last man very very well. but he's Vincent Price so.
Then you've got some really nice kinda tv type cinematography that I really ejoyed.
Just a really great kinda horror film from the early 60's. I espically like the ending and whoever did storyboards on that did a remarkable job. Just well put together.
It's kinda like a twilight zone episode in that it kinda says alot about man. what our downfalls are and stuff. Which is what you want from a movie called the last man on earth. This feeling that we're kinda doomed. now I'm not being mister oooo we are doomed as humans I'm not making that statement. but if your making a movie about being the last man around it should. It's kinda of a different horror film and if you liked the just the concept of I am Legend and want to see it in a better film then check it out

if you want to see it check it on for free Here on Hulu


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