Friday, February 20, 2009

Alien and Raise the Red Lantern

I first saw Alien in 1993 when I was 9. It was the first R rated movie I ever saw. I remember my parents let me watch it with my babysitter. When the alien comes up in the air duct. she jumped up and threw the remote and broke it. That was an awesome way to experience that scene. Unforently this time that scene it wasn't as good cause i watched it alone. but this movie is still awesome.
Seeing it again now (I've seen it a couple of times since then) I realise that it was made post star wars and is very influenced by it. Even reading that is was greenlit right after the success of Star Wars. How this movie differs from Star Wars rip offs like Saturn 7 and Black Hole. Is that it uses the idea of combining tons of previous film genres into one and then making it sci-fi. Star Wars was akira kurasawa meets John Ford with some David Lean in space. This is like combining a Ship movie and a haunted house film. All though I think Star Wars used this kinda postmodern idea better. Alien is the next best example. I espically like how Ridley Scott wanted to continue the idea that space ships could look run down and used. much like star wars. I know he's said he used that as an influence.
The acting in this film is great when you get the pan across the table when there first all eating. you can tell this is gonna be good Ian Holm, Yaphet Kotto, John Hurt, and Harry Dean Stanton. Not to mention Sigourney Weaver. Also unlike the later Alien films. This film really didn't just focus on Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) it was really an enssamble piece. Which is kinda what makes it so scary.
This movie is really awesome. and I kinda wanna watch it again. I also wanna watch Aliens. but thats as far as I'm gonna go. I'm not really intrested in the other sequals.
If you have never seen Alien. then honesly whats ur fucking problem dude. Alien is awesome and a great movie no matter what. I would say if you havn't seen this movie and even wanna talk about sci-fi in movies and tv. you should shut up. Seriously it's essential Sci-fi viewing. also its a dam good movie. check it out if you all ready havn't or re watch it you know

This is the kinda movie I think almost anyone can get in to. Like Grandmas and shit. yeah seriously it's very universal.
It's very very well shot. So really great use of color in this film. Who ever color corrected and shot this are really masters at what they're doing.
The acting is really good also. I espically really like the main character. Her character ark is pretty much the movie and she pulls it off flawlessly. It's the kinda of evolution of a character that isn't like a bio pic. just a year but the people change from one year to the next.
I don't really know much about chinesse cultrue like really at all. but i like this movie. I know it's been critsized for making chinese culture look cold. I can't really comment but i did like the movie.
I don't really like writing plots. which is slightly handcapping this review but if your intrested in seeing a good movie. I don't know but it's coo just see it.


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