Friday, February 20, 2009

Kanye vs. Chairlift

Recently Kanye West put out a video for Welcome to the Heartbreak. All though this isn't his next single (which is usually why the put out videos) another band had used the same effect. The effect is simlair the pixel kinda mush thing that somtimes happens for reals on you tubes. and Kanye didn't wanna put it out way far after that one. makes sense. but should he have even bothered. well honestly I think his video is better and not just cause I like him more. It's actually has better composed shots and doesn't just relay on the effect to get it to work. Like I think the Chairlift video would have been unintresting to almost everyone if it had not used it. Were as kanye really made it look coo.
As for the songs hey Chairlift do you listen to R.E.M. and Suzanne Vega. Wow i couldn't fucking tell. Does Luka live in your building or something. do you guys watch mindwalk all the time (props if you go that one). Just cause u do coke and collect vinyl from the 80's doesn't mean u have to as such an overwhelming influence that it's like your bragging. seriously i get u like the 80's but thats so over done. Espically the way u do it. have fun on new york noise.

Kanye wins but he all ready won cause more people will see his video and his video is way better sorry. Also he wins cause the only reason I saw this video is cause of him. so yeah he won before and he still does. also props to kanye on the av thing on his video i know you were trying to give me a shout out no I'm kidding but hey i got myself a link.


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