Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Diva and new cletus

Some movies are what they are about. This movie is more about how it's about it. Kinda like the big lebowski or something. Not as funny as the big lebowski. A postman steals a bit singers dress and is mistakenly given an important tape for a french police officer. Though mainly to do with the stolen dress.
I guess you could say that cause it's called Diva it would center around the singer. Really we're following the postman for most of the film. It's almost like the film is moving for her and that she is mostly unaware of everything that is going on. Or is she aware. I am kinda not sure.
This trys to do a structure comparable to like pulp fiction, chunking express, or la dolce vita. but it trys to have a straight a head plot. so it never becomes as free form as those film were. But that doesn't mean it isn't very good. I really liked this movie. It's very odd. And you should probably be into weird french movies if your gonna see this. In someways it's weirder then something like a Discreet charm. But it also doesn't want to be. I could say at some points it does other points it doesn't. In a way this film is a little all over the place but if a good way. It worked I think. But it does get confusing.
If your intrested in a good weird french movie. then this is the movie for you. however if your not as into foreign cinema or french stuff then never mind.

This was probably the most response I ever got from a Cletus episode. Apprently it really pissed people off that I said the third Matrix movie was gonna suck. Really is this a shock. Even when Reloaded came out I knew that was gonna suck alot. It was ok we just i think over did it with the matrix thing a little.
Anyway yeah this episode is finally up. only 6 episodes left and then it's all done.


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