Friday, February 27, 2009

Robocop 1 to 3

Recently I saw all 3 Robocop films because of the magic that is hulu. I was gonna do these seperately but I figured it would make more sense to just post all the movies reviews at once. Unforently Robocop is not going to be on Hulu after tomorrow. but yeah you can still see them through most major dvd places and stuff.

First off in case you think the whole Robocop thing is stupid. This Film is fucking awesome. seriously. I know girls who like this movie. why, cause it's a really good movie.
As an action movie it's very kinda foreign made. It's really well made. and well casted. Peter Weller is great as Robocop but the guy who really steals the show is Kurtwood Smith. He plays an awesome villian. Most of you probably know him as the dad on That 70's show. But dam he can play a good fucking villian. Really he is awesome. It's a shame he's not in more movies as a bad guy. Really he almost sold this movie for me. just him.
The film is kinda of satire when they make fun of society through commercials and tv. kinda like early spawn (anyone?). Also having a major corperation run Detroit seems like something would probably happen at some point.
Of the 3 this is a great film and I really reccomend it to anyone who hasn't seen it. It is a very well made film. It completely works and maybe to be honest this was a film that didn't need sequals. I kinda wish this was the only one and it's really a stand alone. but yeah seriously see this movie. it's awesome as both an action movie and just a movie.

You'd think if you got to write Frank Miller (when he could write) and Irvin Kershner (director of Empire Strikes Back) to direct a sequal it would be awesome. Unforently that isn't the case. Cause this movie is a fucking mess. It's obvious when watching this that there were just too many ideas in this. Much like the failure of most sequals. you look at the disaster that was spiderman 3 is more extreme. but this is similair. The script feels like it could go somewhere intresting but it never gets there. so your just waiting.
Then apprently there building a new robot called robocop 2 with the brain of the bad guy. that could have been coo but now that feels kinda stupid. Also the corperate angle in this one is something that could be intresting but never gets there.
I don't know if this is horriable. but it never gets to good either. instead we get this bullshit bland appeseing to me kinda crap.
I don't know who's fault this one is. but really this film shows they should have never made it in the first place. honestly lame.

The first half of this film is way better then Robocop 2. And you'll probably be wondering why does everyone say this one is the worst Robocop it's pretty good. But the rest of the film goes to shit town. In fact the first 2 acts work. but boy that third act.
To common complent seems to be the kid angle and the pg-13 rating. All though there are some lame moments for the kid. the kid works for the most part. The PG-13 rating didn't bug me until the third act cause it was so horriable.
Really the begining looks like the Robocop 2 that I wanted. All though dumber obviously then the original it gives off that Lethal Weapon 2 fun kinda vibe. They have Robocop join the resistance movement and go against the company that made him Robocop.
I like the casting better in this film also. all though i miss Pete Weller as Robocop and liked him alot better. The replacement does a good job but he's no Peter Weller.
Unforently they then have him fly. Here do me a favor. look at the pictures of Robocop on here. then imagine him flying. yeah. no no i know. see what i'm saying it's stupid.
I kinda think the director tryed to save this film as much as he could but it was shit movie. So you can only save it so much. It bothers me to say this is worst then the 2nd one. but it is. this movie is inconsitant and just bad. Only see this if your really into the idea. man i wish the first half had a better second half. dam.


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