Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Au hasard Balthazar and important thing with Demintri Martin

Most films about Animals (live action) are usually kinda stupid and really don't do much. Espically ones that follow the animal around through the whole film. I think the babe films worked. I don't think Gordy was very good (props if your remember Gordy).
This is really something different from all that. First off this isn't a kids film. It's kind of an everyone film. I was told by the plot description that this film follows a girl and her beloved donkey Balthazar. and that there lives after they part kinda mirror each other. Thats slightly kinda true but to say thats what this film is about is kinda dumb. This movie is mainly about Balthazar from being bought by the girls family til death. It shows the other character and we do see them growing up but i don't think they are the same. everyone in this lives a different life. But each charater we learn a little from. Everyone is different kinda almost at odds with each other just character wise.
The humans in this film were very richly made. Also how kinda human they are. There's often abuse of both Balthazar and the girl. but it's almost like the film accepts that as part of life. Now i don't think it is a good thing but this film uses it to show kinda complicated things can be.
For me though Balthazar is the best thing. Sure he's a donkey and he doesn't talk and most likely he didn't know he was acting but he kinda did a good job. I know the director Robert Bresson though of actors as models. so in a way Balthazar is acting i guess. really he's a great character.
I really think this is a must see. probably one of the best films. kinda slow but actually i don't wanna say that cause everyone takes that the wrong way. this is a great movie. you will not be disappointed. also wikipedia quote time

The noted filmmaker and Cahiers du Cinema critic Jean-Luc Godard famously said of the film "Everyone who sees this film will be absolutely astonished," "because this film is really the world in an hour and a half."

told ya seriously seek this out your missing out and i don't know how to make it sound like you should but after you'll get it i hope.

When I watched this show I thought about how great it would be talk to someone about how i had seen this show. i also thought about how most of the target audience would be talking about this show at starbucks the next morning while listening to coldplay. why do i put that here. Cause this show fucking sucks. if your show was good i wouldn't spend the whole time coming up with more intresting things the people who watch your show are doing. really like thats how i found a way to entertain myself.
I guess having quirk and a guitar seems to be coo. I guess cause of flight of the concords. This show would probably be better if Fligh of the concords weren't having a really great second season or if they had not had an also good first season. but also maybe if this show was good enough to come close to that. that might have helped too.
Most of the comedy is less comedy and more like hey pluto is a planet. hey guess what demintri martin and couldn't give a fuck if pluto is a planet or not. you grew up with pluto who cares.
Also whats with the lame as sharpie drawing all over this thing. arn't we a little late on that one. it's 2009. sharpie drawings. i feel like i was watching a bad sketch show draw like teen girl squad. wooo. and not even a good teen girl squad.
I did see one funny sketch with Jon Benjamin but that was it and i think it was cause i like Jon Benjamin.
Don't watch this show. this show sucks.they even have an on going sketch a guy way to early for a rave. how about way to fucking late. there hasn't been a rave since like 2002 or something. a rave. wow somebody still likes okenfold.
Really do yourself a favor don't see this show it's dull. it's not worth your time and i don't even think Demintri Martin is into it. actually you know what i don't even care. cause this show sucks.


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