Monday, March 09, 2009

NEW nockFORCE Cartoon and WATCHMEN

nockFORCE reflections on previous quickie adventures through amazing audio commentary.

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When I was walking out of watchmen I though I have just seen David Lynch's Dune and in 15 years or whatever they'll be a mini series that will be way better then this. But it didn't suck. Sure this isn't the perfect Watchmen movie that everyone dreamed about. But it's also not the shit pile that everyone thought it would be either. Frankly it's good. Not great and it's better then ok. It might be like a little better then mid good. but yeah you get the point.
It's defently director Zach Snyder's best movie. Not saying much though. I think he's really good at good movies. not great or amazing but just good.
Visually this film was handled very well the opening credits was really really well done. They really tryed to give this a good look and it defently has it. The special effects work very well with the feel of the movie.
The acting was good but it didn't have anything that was an insane crazy acting moment. I kinda wish they used the actors a big more. really got us into it. One of the things that made Dark Knight so good was the acting. There was nothing like that in here. it didn't hurt the film. but it didn't help it either. but i kinda like the guy who played Rorschach and hope more people use Jackie Earle Haley. He may have been a little silly in this but i like him.
If you like comics and espically comic book movies this is a film that you should see. Is it the greatest no. spiderman 2, sin city, x-men 2, and even the dark knight are better films. But it's not as bad as spiderman 3 or x-men 3. It might just be a little better then batman begins. so there you go. Really i have to say see this in theaters it's a big special effects movie and it really helps to see it on the big screen. but hey thats just me.

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