Friday, March 06, 2009

Ace in the Hole, Doom Bunker, Bottom of the Bottle

if you like the sunset bulivard boy do i have a billy wilder movie for you. This hits like it was made today. It's the kind of hits you in the face. As I was watching it at some points it just kept going like a freight train or something.
Bascially Kirk Douglas is a down and out reporter who used to work in all the big city papers but because he's both a drunk and slept with a few editors wives he has no job. so he gets a job at a new mexico paper for made cheap. All though he's waiting for a story that the wire services will eat up and bring him back. Well after a year he finally finds a guy trapped in a mine and makes it a huge story. for the rest see the movie.
It becomes a media circus and they actually build a circus around where it is after so many people are there. But come on you gotta make money. By the way on a side note if you remember the Simpsons episode where Bart fell in the well. yeah thats a huge reference to this. even more so cause the movie is based on two times people got stuck in stuff and the media made a big deal. One of which was a boy who got stuck in a well fucking crazy right.
Even though this is about newspapers which i think are deader then well. it's a dinosaur form of media. This is very current in it view of the media and how these big events happen. kinda out of nowhere.
Kirk Douglas is so good that I think he's possesed. no seriously Kirk Douglas is fucking awesome. and seriously that guy had some huge fucking balls. I love that he would do risky stuff like this.
Also this film is shot remarkably well. like amazing cinematography by Charles Lang . Who has so many good credits to his name i think it's probably not fair. the shot when everyone runs off the train. amazing.
If you havn't seen this I feel bad for you cause your missing out. See this it rules. seriously your wasting your time not seeing this. so see it.

your probably wondering why I would post a segment from the Colbert Report over say my own watchmen video today. well first of all my watchmen review is on monday and obviously it makes more sense with that. also i really think this is funny as hell. and it kinda works after ace in the hole.

I really like Joseph Cotton. He's great. I will see anything for Joesph Cotton. SO I was pre sold on this one. This is one of those darker (in tone) techincolor films. I guess alot lesser. in fact lets put a bunch more alots Leave her to Heaven.
It's about this really rich guy played by Joseph cotton who's brother breaks out of jail and comes to him for help. Unforently there trapped where they are cause of some flood thing. and they have to stay there. also his brother is an alcholic.
Frankly this movie is only ok. It kinda gets going a little but it's mostly kinda not all the way there. sure there are coo parts. and i really wanna have the awesome bar Joseph Cotton has in his house in this. but I don't think this is essential. I mena sure it's good. it kinda just got to good. it was almost just ok. which i guess isn't saying much.
But Joseph Cotton. I mean come on thats enough cause he is awesome. I hope you know who he is cause seriously. I know he never got enough respect. yeah i don't know this was good but really Joseph Cotton is awesome. end of story.


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