Thursday, March 05, 2009

The lives of Other and Rocky 4

To listen to anyone in secret is allready pretty creepy. if you get a government agency to do it with you and you get paid. well maybe thats less creepy that might be more not sure. Either way the main character of this film is fucking creepy.
But it makes up for it with the audience for manipulating the situation with the artists he's listening too. Both helping them and maybe also hurting them. He's kind of socially inept and i don't think knows what to do with himself in that situation.
He's also the main character of the film which is kinda odd.But he's very compelling and you don't notice those things your completely with him. I guess in most movies we would follow the sexy artists and he would be some guy at the end we would meet. that's kinda what makes this film intresting. really there are no amazing forms of storytelling in this. We've all seen this kinda stuff before but it's more how they do it.
Sure having a guy who works for the communists listen to these artists and then has his mind changed from listening to them. Kinda standard bullshit cliche this is important movie fair. I think this film goes beyond that. espically with focusing on the girlfriend in the second act. but also they don't hit you over the head with it. There's nobody crying in front of communist statues or something. His behavoir does change and really i will admit it may have been more intresting to have him not change his mind but I think this made a better movie. so yeah it was a good idea to have him change his mind.
This is a slowly building film. The kind of film I think could have done well in the 90's but that does not mean it's dated. this is a great film. I think you

Stalone is either a genius director or just the perfect amount of stupid to get these things to work. This has to be the greatest piece of 80's pro american regan proganda I've seen since Red Dawn. but I like this movie alot more then Red Dawn. Because this movie was alot more awesome and alot more fun.
This movie is stupid. I mean yeah it's stupid but it really does a good job at being stupid. First off they have a robot a fucking robot and he talks. oooo man thats crazy. that was a good touch cause you know when a huge 80's robot shows up what your in for. well you probably knew that by the title but whatever.
It was sad to see Apollo Creed die and he was an important part of the rocky franchise. Thats probably why all the ones after this kinda suck. cause Apollo Creed was awesome.
Everyone seems to remember Dolph Lundgren from this. He doesn't actually talk that much. I think he had more lines in the first five minutes of master of the universe then in this. He looks impressive. He did good for what he was doing. He was really more a model then an actor. like the donkey in Balthazar. The donkey i think was better but to be fair the donkey had more to work with.
There were a ton of musical montages. I really think they decided that there wasn't enough script so they were like lets just make alot of montages in there. At one point they have a musical montage. then rocky meets up with adrianne in russia for like 2 minutes maybe then another musical montage. This is seriously almost a musical. They put on so many. I really don't know how they got away with that. but I think it was a good touch. Why not do that to transformers 2. have like kanye do a song while the decepticons train or something awesome. actually with my luck it would like coldplay (i got one dis for them in every post boooyah) or nickelback.
All though this movie is bad it really works for what it is. and what this movie is. well it's rocky 4. what did you expect. you know this isn't playing at the art house. so hey this movie's not great but for what it is. it does a great job. one of the best stupid action movies. but i wish they would have stopped with this one.


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