Tuesday, March 10, 2009

walkabout and private school

Sometimes when you watch alot of movies you hope for truely great awesome movies. Well Walkabout is a great awesome movie.
About two kids who get lost in the australlian outback and then get help from a native boy. This movie could be too stupid or too simple. It does neither. All though it is simple. It's simplicalty works so well.
Director Nicolas Roeg brings out his best in this film. I've all ready seen don't look now, performance, and the man who feel to earth but this has to be his best film. He went ot the outback and basically improved. espically with the shots of wild life. They look really beatiful and even uses weird lenses ooo man it's just so breath taking and awesome and beautiful. Most of what i saw I had never seen. animals, deserts, mountains. i was like taken away to this austriallian world. but i guess i should expect this cause he was second unit on a little movie caled Lawerance of Arbia. so i guess if your second unit on that your pretty fucking good at shooting movies.
The story of this film flows so naturally and simple you kinda get lost in it.
I really really really reccomend this movie to anyone. I think this is the kinda movie that anyone would like. it just it does so much but it does it so well. oh man. seriously great movie go see it.

Most Teen movies suck pretty bad. no seriously they do. The stupidest thing is they usually have some hot actress in it and theres probably only one scene were you get to see her in little cloths or looking hot or anything. and really most of these teen movies arn't good enough on there on merits so the only real reason to see them is for that hot girl. leaving you really disappointed.
Well The film makers of private school decided hey why not give people what they want. and have those sexy girls be sexy the whole movie. And really i can't knock them for that. Cause at least there being honest.
i guess this film is really some where between soft core porn and a teen movie but come on did you really wanna see a teen movie. espically a bad one.
Don't get me wrong there are good teen movies but this isn't one of them.
So if your gonna see a bad teen movie for all the sexy ladies then see private school cause thats pretty much all it has going for it anyway.


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