Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sholay and A View to Kill

When Slumdog won all that crap at the oscars best of bollywood lists poped up everywhere. Personally I have always had an intrest in bollywood and really I never knew were to start so i never go to see any. but when all those lists showed up i noticed one movie was on all of them Sholay. So that's basically why i saw this.
Really I think this movie is fucking awesome. whoever thought of combining spaghetti westerns and a musical. Seriously like seven brides from seven brothers could learn some things from this movie.
Really this movie has a ton of great stuff in it. crazy action sequences. there's one at the begining that had like shocked. it was just really well made and like a lot of fun.Also it's shot on 70mm. all though the dvd wasn't in widescreen (seriously it needs to) it was really well shot.
The premise of this movie is that this guy hires two criminals to kill this guy cause he knows the two criminals have honor. the two criminal guys were really good and do 2 great fun performances.
Really this movie is a lot of fun but it's 3 hours and 30 minutes. yeah kinda crazy but it's worth seeing all the great musical sequences. which are well done. I mena just as far as musicals go they did a really great job. another problem is that the dvd didn't have subs for the musical sequences but they were still coo. i really want a awesome dvd of this in english. this is a treasure and a good time. it might take up your whole nite but it's worth it. go see this if you wanna get in to bollywood. but this movie is coo all the action and shit. man seriously i might own this movie soon. really coo. just like nothing I've seen before really. man i don't know just see it.

Everyone really hates this one. I kinda don't hate it. i mean sure this isn't Rodger Moore's best (that was for your eyes only). and it's not his worst (the man with the golden gun) but it's probably mid ranger Moore. I really love Grace Jones as a kick ass bond villian. Really i know people hate her. but Grace Jones as a strong ass chick all i can say is FUCK YEAH. you know. really
Ok you know what this movie was dumb seriously but i had fun. sometimes movies are like cheap beer. cheap beer gets you drunk and that's it. there's no flavor here or anything. well a little. Christopher Walken as a bond villian. he could have had more fun but i don't think the director let him really do that much. but he was still really coo.
Also awesome theme song i think one of my favorite bond themes. Like Duran Duran somebody forever wanted there movie to scream I WAS MADE IN 1985. also it's so neon day glo black light that you think Joel Schumaker directed the opening but in a good way. (wow did i just say that)
This movie is fun. Rodger moore has two worse Bonds then this and it's probably techincally better then live and let die but i like that one for being hollywood attempt at blackspolation even though it's dumb. This is kinda like if you combined for your eyes only and octopussy. it maybe went too octopussy at times but it's way more enjoyable. If you wanna hvae fun with a mid range 80's action movie. a view to kill is a great choice. but i think the spy who loved me is better.


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