Monday, March 16, 2009

law and disorder and the living daylights

when i read the description of this movie I wanted to see it. Carrol o Conner and Ernest Borgnine try to take back the streets of new york from crime. Now I imagined that this would be 2 old guys fighting crime being bad ass's. all though that's not true this kinda of comedy drama was intresting enough to check out.
It even has a very similair opening scene as the first live action ninja turtles movie. I kinda wonder if the ninja turtles movie was influnced by this movie. but it's the kinda thing that if it were i would believe it and if it's not i would believe it. but hey it's still something to think about.
The film is defently a little wacky at the begining but the end seems to have lost that. It's almost like they really didn't take the crime problem that seriously before but then realised it was obviously too big of an issue for them to take on.
At the begining they try to be honorary police and it is funny but i really feel like the longer there cops the more it hit them.
alot of people have said that Ernest Borgnine stole the show. I don't really agree with that all though he is good. Carrol o Conner for me steals the show. sure he's just doing Archie Bunker and hell he may have made this on the weekend or something while shooting all in the family. it was defently during that era. He seems kinda clueless but it works.
Karen Black is also in this but her role is kinda odd and I'm pretty sure she only did it cause she was friends with the director.
The music is very 70's in fact this is very much a early 70's movie. it's very kinda cheap mainstream of the time.
if you like both these actors and this idea see this movie. or if you like new york movies. but if your not intrested i was skip this. but it was fun i think it's good and it was enjoyable.

Timothy Dalton's James Bond is one of the most forgotten. But this movie kinda shouldn't be cause it's really pretty good. And for the kind of James Bond film that it is. Timothy Dalton does a great job as James Bond.
Obviously every actor brings his own feel to the role but they also make different kind of Bond movies for each actor. The feel of this one fits Timothy Dalton like a glove.
Sure the whole monogamy thing seems like a bad idea for a character like James Bond but it works so well that I never questioned it. The way the film was made it just made sense.
In addition i really liked the opening sequence were at first you weren't sure which of the guys in the training excerise was James Bond. This also works cause this is Daltons first. so if you saw it at the time it was probably both frustrating and fun.
Dalton is also really good at doing his own stunts but that might just be versus Rodger Moore.
The good thing about the James Bodn franchise is that everyone James Bond gave us a great James Bond film. This is Timothy Daltons entry it might not be the best but it's still a pretty awesome Bond movie. pretty coo if you havn't seen it and you like James Bond then check it out.


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