Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pride of the Yankees and other stuff

I know people are often down on sports movies but hey nobody says that to Raging Bull. This is a great movie made in a great era for hollywood. I would really compare the way this film is made with the work of Frank Capra and espically Mr. Smith goes to Washington. It's the kind of movie that almost anyone can watch.
I really like how Gary Cooper played Lou Gehrig. He's very good at being a leading man in 1942. And one that I think audiences would love as well. maybe in a way at the time this was that times Marley and me or something. However even though I havn't seen Marley and me. I'm pretty sure this is better.
Sam Wood the director is pretty good. He also directed the marx brothers in a night at the opera. All though I've only seen 2 of the 82 films that he directed he seems like a pretty coo guy. Apprently Natalie Wood used the last name cause of him. pretty impressive.
I also have gotta say I was actually suprised by how good Babe Ruth was in this. I have seen him in a few silent films including Harold Lloyds Speedy. Usually he wasn't that good but he was good in this and had a little bit of a screen presence. So but yeah he was coo.
I guess a critisium could be that they almost give Lou Gehrig saint hood with this movie. All though it appears that way apprently very few things were changed. Also Lou Gehrig was a pretty straight laced guy (or at least accoding to my dad). So i think they showed him accuratly. but yeah it is a studio 1942 movie and yeah it does show but it's a really good movie.
If you havn't seen this film then check it out. it's a good time and a good movie. if you like sports or not.

When is Homicide gonna be on hulu. for real. also i want shows that didn't last. cause what better place to put a one season or even couple episode shows that have no value anymore. come on for real. i know one day everything will be online but could we hurry it up. seriously.

also i couldn't find a real video for this but i really like Soul Coughing. i always remember this song. i mean sure it was there big hit but it's still good. yeah i know it's this lame crow video things but i wasn't feelin like going all live video thing. but yeah.

does anyone remember when they used this song in Homicide. it was a later season and it was coo. see they connected together.


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