Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hard Core Logo and License to Kill

I picked this movie up kinda on a lark. I saw that Quentin Tarantino's rolling thunder productions and was kinda suprised. since that production company was shut down in 1997 and only relesed 8 movies on video and dvd.
What I got was one of the best movies about a Fictional band I've ever seen. This movie also set it self up well. Using the mid 90's punk fad as a reason that the band would get back together. which is kinda why sometimes bands reunite. the timing is right. Seriously it happens alot. The mid 90's punk thing was mostly brought on by Green Day. and gave Bad Relgion and Rancid big MTV hits. It was kinda the only time punk got big and not as watered down as say the early part of this current decade.
As a movie about a band this movie really really gets it. Every member has his own role and place in the band both socially and artistically. It really gives a structure to this band traveling in a van together.
It's really well directed by Bruce McDonald. Who combines perfectly made sit down documentary stuff with the documentary stuff with the band. Oh yeah i forgot to mention this is made like a documentary so in the film. There's a film crew following them around. most of the time we don't see them that much. but every once in a while the film crew plays a part. since everyone is so close together. This actually kinda reminds me of Punishment Park. The way they used a made up documentary to tell there story. it leaves the style once in a while but you barely notice.
I also think the acting was really good. Everyone in it was so good in there roles that when i realsed who they were from various tv shows I've seen I was shocked. They all did a great job. also the end was just dam.
If you like punk and just rock movies check this out for real. It's just a coo movie. It's also considered one of the best films to come out of Canada. so hey there you go. but really this was a nice suprise. if you do like SLC Punk I really reccomend this movie.

also i wanna point out how Achtung baby is the poster up there. but for most of us we're stuck with that last poster down there on the dvd. which is horriable typical bad miramax poster. reminds me of the clerks one were everyones hair is changed just like this one. cause they made the poster way later. i like the first poster better cause it's more like the movie.

yes I have now seen all the offical James Bond movies ( havn't seen the unoffical never say never again) This unforently is not one of the good ones. This movie is just. well if just seems off. like really I feel like everyone working on it knew this would be a steaming pile.
It felt off like The man with the golden gun except that held my intrest a lot more then this one. i just couldn't get into it. I don't know I tryed I really like Dalton in his first Bond movie. At the begining i didn't mind him but yeah i don't know.
And the idea of James Bond going after a drug lord could work but it felt weird. like this was a bad idea. everyones problem with Quantum of Solace is my problem with this.
It didn't feel like a James Bond movie and not in a good way. there are plenty of James Bond movies that don't feel like James Bond movies that are awesome. our majesty's secret serivice or casino royale or even daltons last one The living Daylights. I've read things about how the budget was wrong and all this. Really this movie fucking sucks. sorry I like most of this series and this isn't as bad as Die another Day but god dam.
I don't know what was going on here. I still say see The Living Daylights. great James Bond movie but I can't say that about this one. really skip it cause it's bad boooo seriously. sorry James Bond. but hey 22 movies and only a couple that are horriable that ain't so bad.

but really don't see this. for real it's bad.

This was also the last movie for most of the bond old guard. after this the original bond producers stoped doing it. also this was director John Glen's 5th bond movie. people say a view to a kill was a bond movie asking for a change. if that movie's asking this movie is fucking screaming it's lungs out.

also this movie bombed cause not only did it suck but it's competition was Batman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lethal Weapon 2, The Abyss, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Ghostbusters II. ooch.


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