Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommie Dearest and Dr. Horribles sing along blog

This movie isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Sure it's not the greatest of all time or anything but it does what it does. Really Faye Dunaway steals the show in this as Joan Crowford. It has to be one of the weirdest performance. I've heard people compare it to kabooki or something. I don't know about that but I do know it's hard to keep your eyes off her. Sometimes I feel like I was watching the grinch or something. like her face was animated by Chuck Jones or something. Man she does the weridest shit with her face. like man crazy.
I think people just wanna ride this as just oo a bad cult movie. It is in a lot of respects but it's at least intresting enough to hold your attention and make you wanna watch. beyond just like I can't believe this. it's more like now this holy shit Joan Crowford was fucked up. I would reccomend seeing something of hers before but I don't think it will hurt you trying to watch it.
This is an odd movie and has a commentary track by John Waters. so how can you go wrong with that. Still I don't know if this is a good movie. but it's certainly intresting enough to keep you watching and intrested.

This is really good. I was kinda suprised how well this worked. From Joss Whedon this is his first musical since the musical episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. Made during the writers strike this originally was only availble on itunes to buy. However recently hulu put it up and you can watch it for free.
Neil Patrick Harris is so perfectly cast in this. The Joss Whedon dislouge flows like he talks that way anyway. o right he does. so it works really well. Harris is becoming a great comedic actor. well he is but he just needs more roles.
Dr. Horrible is about a video blog by a super villian named Dr. Horrible. He's trying to win over this girl and fight his arch nemis a super hero named Hammer. He also needs to do somthing really bad to get into the the Evil League of Evil.
This thing works as both a super villian story and a musical. They really did a great job. I was suprised by the humor. They really made this into the best it could be. You can tell they understand both comics and musicals to make this weirder musical. It's the kind of thing you don't see as much. Kinda feels like something that might be off broadway in the 90's. I don't know.
All I know is I had a good time and everyone i know who has watched had a good time. It's just alot of fun. And on top of that the whole thing is only 42 minutes. not too bad. originally it was in 3 acts. releasing one at a time but hulu has the whole thing is one.
I'm really glad they went out on a limb and did this. it kinda makes me wonder about the possaiblties that the internet could bring to tv and film as mediums. and how you could make stuff alot weirder if you wanted.
anyway check this out. not sure if it's tv or film but who cares as long as it's good. i put the video at the bottom of this blog.


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