Friday, March 20, 2009

Millard Kaufman and eXistenZ

you probably don't know who this is. but unlike that bitch that went head first into some ice. Who i guess i should care about cause 10 years ago she was in a remake of a Disney live action movie. I'll probably remember that stuff he did 20 years from now.
Milard Kaufman was the co-creator of Mr. Magoo and also wrote the film Bad Day at Black Rock. Both are pretty notable. He was also an author and wrote a book at 88. He also has another book coming out soon. All though i didn't know his name before he died. there is no doubt that the stuff was a big deal. Also look at that picture that guy looks seriously seriously awesome. What a great guy he will be missed.

This movie may not be the best Cronenberg movie I've ever seen but dam is it intresting. You have Cronenberg referencing his earlier film Videodrome. How he uses this idea of technology and flesh is really intresting. espically right now. I heard two days ago they make prastatic fingers that are usb drives. Seriously freaking me the fuck out.
I really liked the actors in it. Christopher Eccleston, Ian Holm, and Willem Dafoe all in smaller roles. they do a great job. it's like Woody Allen casting or something. All though I would love to see a Woody Allen movie with bio ports.
I really like the who concept that there are these pods that are like video games systems and people have bio-ports and plug into them with there brains. it's both creepy and a little sexual. which Jude Law's character shows alot. He never has had a bio port and kinda acts like someone who's never fucked before. he's so nervous like either a scared girl. but there's something kinda gay about him being afraid of being penitrated and having a port to connect to his pod.
The whole bio-ports thing is both creepy and intresting it's really what makes this movie worth seeing. Videodrome was more about video. now eXistenZ is about pluging in and video games.
Both Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh do really great jobs in this movie. I think on paper they might not seem like intresting characters but they are really good in this. Jennifer Jason Leigh is like hot as shit in this. but she needs to be or it wouldn't work.
This movie is kinda deconstructionist. and postmodern and all those 5 dollar words. it's intresting and fun and well yeah. it came out as the same time as the matrix. i know people believe in philosophy in the matrix. well what about in eXistenZ. i kinda like that more. really if you wanna see a coo Cronenberg movie that is still good check it out. hell if you just like sci-fi your missing out. so yeah.

some trivia for ya from imdb

"Two Producers of the film are Hungarians, so it is not by chance that the X and the Z of the word "eXistenZ" are capitalized, since the letters between them make the Hungarian word "isten," which means "god.""


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