Monday, March 23, 2009

Fatal Attraction and Twilight

This movie really suprised me. I never thought I'd like it as much as I did. And it works and is scary regardless if you cheat or not. Glen Close is terrifying in this movie. she plays a really great villian. Michael Douglas finally shows some acting chops. I never though he could even come close to his father after basic instinct but in this he was real good. This movie works kinda like hitchcock and also like a silent film but finds a way to get a good center.
The plot is Michael Douglas has an affair with Glen Close while his wife and kid are out of town. but at first she's like we can totally do it. Now I don't think Glen Close is perticuarlly atractive but I wasn't just offered sex from her either. Michael Douglas is obviously thinking man I wouldn't mind getting my dick wet. even if it is with this sub far looking lady. so they do but then michael douglas lets her get way too clingie and she goes all nuts.
I actually don't think this movie is that sexist cause it's not like all the women in the film are needy and destroying michael douglas's shit. Also Michael Douglas's character i don't feel like is smelling like roses either. He really looks bad too. the other female characters in the film act as they would in that situation. Really this was a problem between two characters. not so much a statement on women. sorry everyone it's just a movie.
Glen Close apprently went to 2 different threapists and asked them why someone would act that way. what she gave was a truely great performance. I was sometimes like dam. We all know girls like the glen close character. maybe not that extreme. in fact if you do don't be friends with her. jeez.
If you have never seen this check it out. it's a good thriller. it even got me a few times. I know it gets rapped up with basic instinict and all that. this movie is way better. and one that you'll have a good time with.

This movie isn't a movie. it is hype and nothing more. for real. This movie is so bad i think it should be an abc family original movie or something. Ok why is it so bad. so like you know how most vampire's burn up in the sun. which works out to be something pretty coo. well this movie decieds that instead of that. They just don't wanna go out cause they'll glow with gliter when the sun hits them. yes i am serious the vampires will glow that they shop at deliahs. like all over. And get this, since the movie takes place in washington state and it's over cast they can go out and go to school but when it's sunny oooo no they have to stay in. cause if everyone saw him in the sun they'd either think he's a vampire or he's some teen girl who put glitter all over there body.
As you can tell this movie is fucking stupid. why did you use vampires. for real why not make up some glitter sun creature. then the movie has all this bad rock music through out. like something will happen and then theres a guitar sound like it's bummer times at saved by the bell. also apprently this movie thinks that since people in 1992 in washington wore flannel so should everyone in this movie.
The movie works more like the first episode of a bad kids tv show then a realy movie.There's no complete thought at all. It's an episode of twilight really. what this movie is missing that worked for harry potter and the lord of the rings is that those films had ends to them that were clear but also were parts of a bigger story. I don't really know what the point of this movie was but it did have the bigger story to keep in mind. It kinda ends more concerned with giving little tastes at there next film then actually concluding the film. so yeah.
The acting is horriable I really can't see why you'd care about the main girl character her. she's unusually mopey for like no reason. just cause you do a voice over like Sarah Connor from termintor 2 doesn't mean you can back it up. she had a fucking future war and a termintor. you have glitter vampire. hey tell ziggy stardust to chill.
This movie is not worth your time. in fact it's not worth anyones time. it's so unitnresting it needs the hype to make it intresting. it's directed bad and made bad. it sucks. i agree with everyone who says let the right one in was better cause compared to this it's a million times better. but really i'll go with a public enenmy quote don't believe the hype.


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