Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taken and Stage Fright

This is basically what a mainstream action movie used to be but updated to 2009 and starring Liam Neeson. Really you have the usual stuff. even the teenage girl is mainstream action movie lame. apprently she went to europe to follow around U2. U2 how old is your daughter like 48. nobody who is 17 anymore is gonna wanna follow around U2. that is just dumb. but hey remember the almost cartoonish looking goth girl from face/off. they have to make the teenager look like the person who wrote is so out of touch with todays youth it's laughable.
Liam Neeson is good at the whole action hero thing. I kinda wouldn't mind seeing him in more action movies. instead of his usual dramas or being the voice of Aslan. I mean i would like a much better action movie with him it.
The action sequences are pretty good obviously everyone hates it when he is shot at a million times and isn't hit. that's only really one part. the rest I feel like really works. but that looked really fucking stupid. However it happens so fast that i think it will be fine. I know that was a big complaint but i don't really get it.
If your looking for a good mainstream action movie. Like the days of Air Force One and Eraser. this is the 2009 version. so expect that. I think this movie is probably just ok but it's really good at being ok. But I think that is more Liam Neeson and less the actual movie.
If you wanna a more recent. decent action movie then yeah sure but you can wait til it gets on USA or TNT or what have you.

for a little bit my girlfriend and I have been trying to see all the hitchcock movies. so that's basically why i saw this movie. However if your not going to try and do that then don't see this movie. I really man other then some intresting film stuff. there is no reason to see this.
The plot makes little to no sense. It's so convaluted you can't follow. then when i looked up a proper summary I still couldn't figure why. like for real why did any of that stuff in this film happen. The main protaganist played by Jane Wyman feels like she almost has no reason to be figuring out this murder. Remember with Jimmy Stewart he had some sort of a reason in all 3 of his hitchcocks. in this she investigates this because she has a crush on him. that's it and they don't even do it that well.
I really wasn't into it. and i know it has the crazy idea of a lying flashback. meaning a flashback that we later find out is not true. making the audience not see the ending. well that would be coo if i cared alot more but since i didn't it was more of a well isn't that nice.
I really did try but it was just too much. I really like Hitchcock he's made some of the greatest films of all time but not everything he made can be perfect. you could put this with other Hitchcock misses like the trouble with harry but hey i never directed vertigo.

also i think the poster is really fucking coo. the top one but also this one.


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