Friday, March 27, 2009

Role Models and other assorted things

This was an ok modern mainstream comedy. I mean it was really good at being ok. Both Sean william Scott and Paul Rudd work very well. As well as Christopher Mintz-Plasse in a supporting role. It's basically like while your watching it. Sure it's not perfect but you really can't get that mad at it either. It's blatently a silly mainstream comedy.
I will say this David Wain the director did a better job then lesser comedy directors and I'm wondering if he can pull of something like wet hot american summer again. I liked wet hot american summer alot more then this movie. In fact I would say wet hot american summer was good. were as this only really gets to ok. I wanna see something that is good from him.
In alot of ways this is typical for a comedy film made in 2008. It's very appatow influenced. I don't think appatow had anything to do with but come on he at least probably breathed on it. That's enought to claim involvement.
It's a chick flick for guys but in it's defense as a guy movie for guys who are fucking pussies ( OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUCK ON THAT)it's actually better with what it's doing then like he's just not that into you or the sex in the city movie. so yeah it's like one of the best made chick flicks I've seen recently.
I still don't think it's not that much of a guy movie. it never really goes far enough for me to say. sorry pussies.
no for real i'm sick of this yeah i'm a guy who says fuck alot. this was like when the gross out comedy was in and people would be like ewwww it's so gross. hey everybody I saw pink flamingoes. I expect more come on for real shock me. really go for it. Don't be such a little bitch and really shock me with language and some crazy gross out shit. I don't know.
But yeah this isn't so bad and if you have to see a mainstream bullshit comedy. this is one of the better mainstream bullshit comedies of last year. compliment?

T.I. is going away for a year and a day in jail but that's not why i posted this picture. I actually posted it cause I really like the Richard Avedon influence on it. I just like the high contrast black and white thing. it's really pretty that way it's shot. also T.I. looks coo as shit. He's dressed up as malcolm x in the photo.

it also reminds me of vibe in the mid 90's and stuff. like i should be listening to tlc while reading it or something.

who's avedone he shot this photo. well ok not that famous of a photo but yeah thats what he do.

who's T.I. he's from the south and he's got swagger and stuff. also the song below is really awesome.

This is a clip from the latest south park. The episode was good but i really like this clip so i figured i'd share it.

hey jail i dedicate this song to t.i.


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