Thursday, April 02, 2009

new Cletus and clockwise

so there are now only 3 cletus episodes left to go up. This one was a joke my dad told me. I thought it was a funny dad joke. but yeah i wish they had gone up all ready it's about time.

I remember at the video store i used to go to in maryland. they had a monty python section. in that section were of course monty python videos. but they also had anything anyone in python was in. I remember this was kind of a popular video there. but i had not seen it until recently.
John Cleese does a great job at playing a headmaster of a school. He needs to get to the headmasters conference. and keeps missing things by only a couple of minutes. normally Cleeses character is exactly on time. The film is him trying to get to the headmasters conference. a young girl student helps him with a car she stole. anyway describing it doesn't do anything.
This movie is just alot of fun. and maybe not in a dirty way but it's just a nice comedy. I actually think you could saw this to grandparents and they would like this film. it's one of those everyone can see kinda movies. also it's good.
Cleese is hillarious but does a great job in the lead. espically with his headmaster character. Like you almost knew him he was so good at it.
Apprently this didn't do well here when it came out but then over time has done very well. It does have a kind of word of mouth thing about it. bottom line it's a fun movie and you'll have a good time. and how could you not it's Cleese doing a his comedy best.


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