Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dead End and Who's that knocking at my door

This was a nice surprise. from Director William Wellman (Ben hur, the best years of our lives, and roman holiday) comes a kind of bizarre crime film.
It takes place in a slum that is on the ground level. there was recently a huge rich apartment building put in. where rich people live. apparently in this film rich people live high in the sky cause they have lots of money and it's expensive to do that. where as all the poor people in the slums live on the ground. But since there's only one rich building it's extremely out of place. almost like a kids story book or something. All the rich people were almost stereo typical rich people. like with fancy suit and talking all funny.
I really liked the set up cause really it's bizarre all though stuff like that really happens with gentrification and everything but not as extreme.
The movie is really about a gangster (played by a younger Humpery Bogart)returning to wear he grew up to see what it was like now. while he's doing this there is a gang of younger kids that mirror what he was doing in his past.
Really alot happens in this movie and I don't wanna blow it. but i really liked how they shot it. entirely on one set. but you won't feel it at all. alot like Wylers later film the detective story. This film harks back to a day that film and theater were alot closer in relation to each other. It's probably also because theater was still an important part of entertainment and it was really good. so yeah.
I had never heard of this film before but thanks to the magic of hulu I have. I really strongly recomend this film. I will probably get the dvd. cause i likes it soooo much. no but real watch this movie. ooo wait i don't need to tell you to find it. watch it below for real the whole thing. hulu says it will keep this up until july 1st so you got time. so check it out. really it's a great little movie from 37 right when hollywood was reaching it's golden age.

This is Martin Scorsese's first film and I think only one in black and white. It was made over a 2 years starting in 1965 and the film came out in 1967. it's pretty raw and very much so a student film at times. but you can see where Scorsese started and see where all those Scorsese type things started from.
I do think this is a good film. all though some parts might just seem odd this is more then a film to see just for seeing it. You get to see a small film from the late 60's new york and the kinda weird feel to it. I think in 1967 this would have been really alot more remarkable then now.
If your really into film this would defently be a good film to see. alot like Kubrick's first Killers Kiss. you can see these huge directors working on a smaller scale. and when they had no names and how they got to were they are now. i mean you have to start somewhere.
It stars a very young Harvey Keitel. who i think is doing his best Scorsese during alot of it. I kinda wonder why Scorsese wasn't in it but it was his first feature and Harvey Keitel is way better at acting then he is too.
There's a sense at the begining of the film that the character knows whats going on but through his relationship with this girl. I feel like he knows less and less. and is far more simple in his world view then he would have though of himself. it was intresting how Scorsese set this all up.
Yeah i say see it regardless of your feeling on Scorsese. it might not be his best. but it's still a good film by Scorsese and that ain't a bad place to be in.


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