Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Tango in Paris

This is a really good movie. kinda suprised me. I defently think it's not as X as your thinking it is. It was the 70's. think how long ago that was. But that doesn't matter cause this movie is really fucking good. It's about couple who suddenly meet up and have a love affair. but the girl (played by a super fuckign hot Maria Schneider) is all ready in a relationship. How the film plays off her two men Brando being the affair guy is really coo.
Her relationship with Brando is very real and natural in a way you don't know whats going to happen. the other guy a man closer to her age. There relationship is being compramised by a film he's making about her. but didn't ask her permission. It also feels alot more fake and perfect but with almost no soul. well at the begining at least.
This movie is incredibly visual. It's just really beautiful how visual it is. just watching Maria Schneider with her hat is pretty enough. unforently no images online do it justice. but it is very well made.
This is a really really good movie and if you havn't seen it. your missing out on a cinema classic. for real this is a great movie i think i will buy this at some point. it's not really weird anyone can get into it. obviously this movie is very sexual but what did you except it's X.
Also Brando really owns in this movie. actually everyone and everything is great. this is just an awesome movie.

imdb trivia time

"An alternate, but similar idea of this film was to revolve a passionate, homosexual relationship and ultimately scrapped with a famous French actor for whom the idea was conceived for backed out of the film"

"When informed that director Ingmar Bergman had said that the film only made sense if it were about two homosexuals, Bertolucci responded that he accepted all criticisms of his film as valid."


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