Friday, April 03, 2009

Bustin Loose and The furies

This i think under a lesser comedic actor would be very conventinal. This movie has it's cliche moments certainly. but goes beyond that as well. espically with the klan scene and also Richard Pryor. He really owns this movie. I think most of the characters are there to just do what there supposed to. but he has to drive the film and make it so it can make that leap to the ending. but yeah he was good.
It's about a lady (Cicely Tyson) who needs to get these special needs kids to her parents farm in washington state from philadelphia. cause the school they were at closed due to budget cuts. so they get an ex con man (richard pryor) to drive them.
This just like a major studio kinda bullshit comedy. and for most of the film you know that. you know the kids and him will have impacts on themselves and forever there changed or whatever. I think the fact that they were special needs kids made it alot more intresting then if they were just a bus full of kids.
I like this movie. sure it's not the greatest but it's alot of fun. I think if you saw it you'd probably be like that was good i had fun whatever. you know.

Other things with this movie. this is the movie Richard Pryor was filming when he lit himself on fire while smoking crack. crazy.

also i have to say the original poster is way better then the current dvd cover. they need to re do that. also he never wore the hat that he is shown wearin on the dvd.

this gives me the reason to post this. i really like this. this is richard pryor when he did seasme street. doing the alphabet.

Anthony Mann has always been the dark western director. all those this is techincally a western. I think it's more of an epic. kinda reminded me of Gone With The Wind and Giant. Except this is far darker then those and covers a smaller period of time. but it's also under 2 hours so yeah.
The movies about (wiki quote)"A New Mexico cattle man and his strong-willed daughter clash over the man's choice for a new bride. Things get worse when the elder man has his daughter's lover hanged. With the help of an old flame, a gambler, the daughter puts into motion a plan to drive her father from his estate."
Barbara Stanwyck does a really good job in this movie as the daughter. I never really got her. like i didn't hate her. but i never really got it. I saw her in the lady eve and yeah she was coo. but she never stuck out. until this movie. she really rocked it.
Some of the framing and shots in this film are amazing. just the way they would orchastrate some of these shots. they just did a dam good fucking job. really like if i turned the sound off. it would still be an intresting movie. really well shot.
I like that this showed a kind of intresting time in new mexico history. a time when these huge cattle men would print there own money. the cattle guy named his TC'S cause that was his initals. Who thinks making your own money is a good idea. your not so country or some shit like that. what you doing. however if anyone wants to find me some of those then let know.
I guess i would say this is a darker version of Giant. I still think Giant is the better movie. and i really like Giant alot. but this movie is still really good. If you like epics I think this would be for you but if you don't it's still good. and if the epic thing scares you this didn't even clock 2 hours. most epics are like 3 or longer. so it's probably good if you wanna watch an epic but don't have 3 and a half hours.


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