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NEW nockFORCE QUICKIE and The Big Picture

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I'm sure you probably havn't heard of this movie and i probably wouldn't either if i hadn't bought this little film book over 10 years ago. it's also the first film by Christopher Guest. This is notable because every film he released in theaters after this was mainly done with improve (except a made for tv movie remake of attack of the 50 foot woman). So this really is his only scripted comedy. intresting.
This is about a young film student who gets nominated for a film award and wins and then becomes big in hollywood. while the hollywood system changes him and stuff. well ok there's more too it then that but you get the jist of it.
This film was really coo. Christopher Guest gets good performances out of everyone in the film. Kevin Bacon does a good job as the lead. Being both naive and sometimes a asshole. Michael McKean does a great and suprising dramatic role in this film. It actually makes me wanna see him in more films in dramatic roles cause it was very natural.
A slight problem and maybe a good thing as well. was how late 80's this film was. It also had the distrincation of being written by one of the writers of pee wee's big adventure. I think it does have a 80's quality in the writting. but the bad news is that they gave it a lame 80's comedy soundtrack. like somebody get out a lame keyboard time to score a movie. and really for real not in a good way. the score killed this movie. somebody give it a good score. sometimes even 90's overscoring is better then this bad 80's comedy soundtrack.
This is defently worth a watch. if you can find it but it's availble as a watch only film on netflicks instant view thing. so if you have that check it out. it's pretty fun and i think a good movie.


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