Monday, April 20, 2009

lifeboat and Pin...

This is a great hitchock movie. but a great non thriller as well. which usually hitchcock isn't good at making non thriller movies. like really but this movie really really works.
The whole movie is people on a lifeboat after there boat was sunk during world war two. the people in the boat soon find a german solider guy and have to have him on the boat as well. Of course they don't like him cause it's world war 2. but i'm sure if it was you at the time you probably wouldn't like him that much either. This movie works with all the characters playing off each other. These kinda stories really use character very very well. also you have good actors too so you know that it's gonna be intresting to watch.
These seems to be much doubt about the german character. at first many critics really like the film but then found his character to be propaganda and them seem to rule the whole film as an unsubtle wartime propaganda film. However critics at the time found it to be too much of a positive protrayal. well knowing that really I don't think it's wartime propaganda i think it's a character and if we let one character make a film propaganda that's dumb.
This movie is a good movie. I really enjoyed it. and it has a hitchcock cameo. doesn't seem like the right movie for a cameo but hey he's hitchcock he can do anything he wants.
Don't let the modern bullshit stop you this is a good movie. It's fun to see a film where a bunch of people are just stuck together and have to deal with it. great movie check it out.

This is a cult horror movie from canada. it's about two kids that are shown all of lifes lessons through a creepy doll that they call pin. And suprise suprise it really fucks one of them up.
I like this movie. sure yeah it's a silly horror movie but i liked. it's really more creepy then scary. the brother is really unsettling and they set up really well that him and his sister have a good relationship. so that later when she's not sending him to the looney bin right away it makes sense.
The sister is really really hot. I wish she was in more stuff during this time. cause she was hot then. all the picture of her now make me not as into her. but yeah.
The dad is played by Terry O'Quinn from lost. He's alot skinner and i almost didn't recongnise him.
If you do or don't like horror movies. I think you would like Pin. It's way better then a bad horror movie. and I know cult horror movie is not high on a lot of peoples lists but this one is actually pretty decent.
The only way to see this that i can find is to watch it throguh instant netflicks only. yeah thats right you can't rent it. and even the instant netflicks thing will expire soon. so defently check it out soon cause you might miss your chance.


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