Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Driver and Korgoth of Barbaria

Have you ever watched a film noir and thought man i like this but it needs more car chases. well boy do i have a movie for you. The Driver takes the film noir mold and brings it to 1979. I've heard people call this a an existential car-chase movie. yeah for real. did you ever think that existential and car-chase would be put together. well except for what i was thinking when i saw gone in 60 seconds in theaters. I never thought they would combine them
Directed by Walter Hill. It was the film he directed right before having the best 1979 that anyone would ever have ever by producing Alien and then directing the Warriors. yes the same year. i can't imagine. anyway point is this guy is awesome.
This movie is really great with Ryan o'Neal playing the driver. a the driver for criminals like bank robbers and things. and The detective is trying to catch him.
yeah everyone really has names like that. you never learn there real names they just reffer to themselves as the driver and such. but it's not done in a super cheesy way in fact you probably won't notice.
This movie of course has a lot of awesome car chases in it. which of course it should. you could put this with any good 70's car chase movie. and good enough to be with any 70's detective movie.
I like the acting Both Ryan o'Neal and Bruce Dern give good performances.
Really just see this movie. it's a jem that you've never heard of. but it's worth it you'll have an awesome time. really i could keep going about this movie. check it out you won't be disappointed.

I guess nobody has the balls to pick up a cartoon show like this anymore. But to think what could have been man. with direction from Genndy Tartakovsky (samurai jack and clone wars mini series) this show is fucking awesome. i love the animation in it. and well it's just alot of fun.
Most of the time i hate fantasy comedy. like that show comedy central has premering tomorrow. yeah but this is a good show. Adult swim aired it only a couple of times and on halloween last year too.
It's supposed to be like a conan parody. Not sure how well it does that but i do know i like it. and instead of just talking it up i put a playlist with all the parts together from youtubes.


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