Thursday, April 09, 2009

Funny Ha Ha and Horse Feathers

This film is notable for being the first film in the mumblecore film movement. All thought that might be enough to see it once. This film's alot better then just a film kind of curiousty. Really what I like about it. is that it's a film about a girl right out of collage and her kinda being lost. Sure there are tons of movies like this with guys and that's coo but it's defently refreshing to see it changed up.
This is a serious low budget production made for only a few thousand dollars. production wise it shows but not in a bad way. I know at first that might be a problem but as the film goes you'll barely notice that.
The star of the film Kate Dollenmayer does a great job playing the main character. I feel like she really got the whole wait what feeling of what she was going through. I'm glad they got someone who was kinda hot but also kinda plain white girl thing. so that it's more kinda real. but she plays it well. not sure if she kinda just worked or if she was a good actress but that doesn't matter she was great in the role.
The director who plays a role in the film actually was one of my favorite actors in the film. which usually isn't the case when it comes to directors. but he really stole the show in this. well ok not that good maybe but he was good.
I also liked how the guys in the film seemed to act kinda like weird and don't make much sense. i often find that guys do all sorts of stupid shit with girls and really liked this kind of stupid uncertainty. instead well he's afraid of commitment.
I don't know much about mumblecore. This film makes me want to know more about it defently. i would compare it to Godards my life to live. but i never liked that movie. but i do like this and think most people would. it's pretty coo. check it out netflix has it.

This was the marx brothers film before duck soup and a night at the opera. Here you can see all that great humor that was in those films almost there. it's not quite what it was in those later films. But it's still great cause it's the marx brothers not quite at there peak. not a bad place to be.
Groucho really steals the show in this film. i feel like he's almost the main character. well I guess he is. He does a good job steering the ship.
I feel like Harpo was the character audiences at the time probably lost there shit over. I mean sure he's not that funny now but i'm not living in the early 30's. so how would i know. but just his slapstick stuff. i mean man it was probably killin em.
This film is about groucho becoming the head of Darwin u and wants to stop his son from getting to involved with a collage widow. now what is a collage widow well apprently it was a term at the time. it means (wikipedia break it down for us)"The term, which is somewhat derogatory, referred to a woman who stays in college after graduation in order to find a husband. It is used to describe Connie Bailey (Thelma Todd). Such women were stereotypically "easy"" I guess it's bad news if you get involved alot. all though i assume you'd get laid alot cause she would be easy. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. but i wasn't around in 32.
I think this is a good comedy. certainly it lacks the magic of there masterpieces that they made later. but it's still a nice comedy and i think worth a watch. i mean it's fun you'll have a good time and it's only 68 min. so if you don't like it. it's not even that long.


Anonymous Rufus T. Firefly said...

"This film is about groucho becoming the head of Darwin u..."

No, Groucho becomes the head of Huxley U. -- Darwin is the school that Huxley plays in the film's climactic football game.

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