Friday, April 17, 2009

Confessions of a superhero and Dance Party USA

This movie looks like it will be a lot stupider then it actually is. But you know what it's pretty good. Following four (really actually 3) people who dress up as superheros on Hollywood Boulevard for tourists to take pictures with. We learn about there failed acting careers and how much money they can make on tips alone. And how they defently like there jobs but there are bad sides as well.
So of these guys obviously have some problems. Certainly batman and superman seem a bit odd. Batman has anger issues and can't get jobs cause they say he looks too much like George Clooney. Superman says he is the son of Sandy Dennis an older former kinda movie star. however her family denys this.
Wonder Woman is in a bad relationship. But she's hot. i wonder what she's doing later dam.
I have to say this could have been kinda like look at these freaks but instead they made a really good documentary about these people and how it's kinda hard doing that for a living and they can make some made dough. but also why they're in la in the first place. I like this movie and thankfully you can watch it for free below. the film acts like it follows 4 people. a guy who dresses up as the hulk but they barely show him. so really i say 3 but whatever. you don't have to like superheros or comics to like this movie and honestly it doesn't matter at all either way. it's good check it out below.

After I saw Funny Ha Ha I thought mumblecore was awesome. I was in love. I was like sweet this movie is awesome. of course all the other mumblecore movies are gonna be good. well i was wrong. really wrong. Cause I saw this movie.
Now o this movie doesn't completely suck. I mean sure it has it's moments but i feel like it was trying to hard and so points and took giant kinda leps of faith that the viewer would just accept it and love it. well i didn't and i don't.
Also the acting was really lame. I understand this is low budget but they could have tryed harder.
Also This just felt like I'm an indie movie. yeah i know. in fact if this movie was a person i think by the end of hanigng out i would be yelling like I FUCKING KNOW OK I GET IT STOP PLEASE. how many times can i watch people looking at stuff looking moody. i work at collage i don't need your a movie to show me. even if i didn't. that is so unintresting. I feel like they were like oooo man we're short on time. we'll put a bunch of shots of people looking at shit.
Really i think this movie is kinda intresting a little with the subject matter but it wasn't that well made and was dated yeah it wasn't even made 10 years ago. and not dated in a good way. Don't see this movie see funny haha. Honestly i feel like i've seen this indie movie before on ifc a million times. forently this was an hour and 6 minutes. thats about all it has going for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved Confessions of a Superhero. Still wondering if Sandy Dennis had a love child the family never knew about. Fascinating movie.

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