Friday, April 10, 2009

Hulk Vs. and Higher Learning

i dedicaded that since the hulk vs. dvd is really two differnt stories. I would review them both seperately. they really have no connection or anything so yeah.
But i did wanna say the design of the newer marvel animation is defently looking up. compare this to there designs in the 90's. it didn't really work and the animation showed that. now i feel like they realized they couldn't just put out anything and we'd accept that. I'm glad they uped there game.

This script would work as a comic. like either an annual or a super deluxe issue or something. The writing is what it needs to be for a subject like Thor vs. Hulk. So yeah this is a pretty dame good 45 min comic adaptation. It's defently better then the cartoons that dc has been putting out lately. sure it's not as great as say the high that the batman animated series was. But very litte is. This is a good cartoon for fans and was well done.
It's not really and all out fight the way I certainly would have wanted. I wanted to see just hulk vs. thor for 45 min. and i would be good. there is other stuff going on with character and plot. so they have the begining of a fight and then a cut away. but this was so lame as crap that it pissed me off. I actually thought it was a good idea. this was really done like a thor comic. now i'm no exppert on thor comics. but for what i can remember this is like a thor comic.
If you like action comic book cartoons. then you will like this. I think it's generally good. not just if you like comic but i think that defently helps.

I really didn't expect much from this. really i didn't want it when i heard it came with the Hulk vs. Thor. I just wanted the hulk vs. thor. not this wolverine movie tie in bullshit. like what the fuck. then i realized sure ok i get another cartoon for with the hulk vs. thor. ok ok. well what i got was better then hulk vs. thor.
You get lots of awesome Wolverine hulk fights and the kinda battle i was dreaming of for hulk vs. thor. This is the one with the awesome action sequences. sure the other one does too. but this one is full on kick ass wolverine hulk fights.
You also get team x which has Deadpool, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabretooth. So you get all those guys too. and i think they did a good job with each character. espically with the voice acting. who ever is doing deadpool. that guy should do him in all the cartoons.
This is more violent then the show wolverine and the x-men. all though this is supposed to be a prequel to that. since i had to pay for it. I'm glad they up the ante to something i couldn't see on tv. not that is was evil dead type or shit. but it is rated pg-13.
If you watch wolverine and the x-men then defently watch this you'll love it. in fact if you have any intrest in comics you'll like. cause i think from what i hear it'll be better then the wolverine movie.

This movie is so 90's it hurts. both itself and you. oooooooo man i slay me. anyway this was a time that John Singleton was thought of as more of a name director and less of that guy who directed that shaft remake and 2 fast 2 furious. This was probably the last time he could make like a name director kinda movie. but while watching it. i can see why that changed after this film.
It's almost like this was the last movie for Boyz in the Hood John Singleton. Sure that gave him a name. but this movie is almost a mess. and the way he made Boyz in the Hood was very much for early 90's gangsta rap. While approaching the mid 90's gangsta rap was changing. as Dr. Dre put out I've been there and done that a year later. This shows things weren't quite stale but it was certainly getting there. This was 95. Cobain was dead. snoop dogg had broke. it was almost 90's business as usual for this year. Rap hadn't taken over yet and the teen bop thing was like 3 years away.
While watching this movie i really understood why there was a big movement through the rap community to change. this film certainly has high ideals. which works well for an Ice Cube album but doesn't work as well for a movie. the political minded eddie vedder world was really being pushed. Really though this shows why the mid 90's ended and we all started dancing to the prodigy.
It's just too much. A rapper making a silly political point is one thing but a movie is a different story.
This movie like it seems like every movie about collage starts out well and then eventually becomes so unrealistic you wonder if they really know anything about collage. I don't know how realistic this is. cause i never went to collage in the 90's. I mean sure i went to collage's in the late 90's but it wasn't the same.
But yeah i don't know if this is a realistic.
I mean sure it does work on certain levels. It's an intresting concept. where you follow a white student (Kristy Swanson) and a black student (Omar Epps) and see how there experiences are different. but not intresting enough. really i just wanted to follow Ice Cube.
Man i fucking love Ice Cube. espically in the 90's. he was the fucking shit. and certianly in this movie. John Singleton and Ice Cube need to do more together cause Ice Cube is always really good. they never let Ice Cube be good in anything anymore but that guy is a good actor. he just needs a good role. man Ice Cube your awesome. really without Ice Cube I would have not made it throught this movie.
I read that Tupac was supposed to play the part that Omar Epps plays. but he couldn't cause he was in jail. i kinda wish he had gone with pac. not cause Omar Epps sucked. he didn't at all. in fact he was good and i feel bad for saying this about him. but Tupac in high minded political John Singleton movie. dam it would have been perfect.
This movie is dated and really i don't recomend it. well i would if you love listenign to vitalogy in your car. which is probably what most people did while leaving the theater when this came out. I don't think this is good. it's ok and something of it's time. but it's nothing more. really just see it for Ice Cube. Ice Cube rules for real.


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