Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the beat that my heart skipped and The Dana Carvey Show

I know this is foreign but if you just dubbed it I'm sure no one would really notice because it is very american made. Of course it is either inspired by or a remake of Fingers. I say inspired by or a remake cause the wikipedia pages of each say different things.
All though I have not seen fingers I really liked this film. About a son of a former piano star. who is now working in thug work and real estate. he stumbles upon his moms former manager and he asks him to audition.
This film also goes into kind of the bad side of getting in to the arts. I guess not sure if thats everyone. But i guess the bad side of some artists. As he gets more and more obsessed with piano and gets edgier. the intresting thing is we know from earlier that his mother did this as well. I like when films do this. not that everything you do is like your parents. but obviously some traits do carry over. and I liked that.
The piano playing is very good and makes one of my grips over film piano scores go away. I've heard intresting piano playing from Art Tatum and I never get that kinda stuff from a film. I feel like alot of film makers don't really know what the piano can do. This film maker does however.
It's very real and it moves like the whole time you'll be sitting there just following it. i felt like i had to know what was gonna happen. It's just a very compeling film and it works very very well.
I also really like that the main character mainly listens to current music. Like he is a normal person at the time and stuff.
I would recomend this movie to anyone. I know it's french but it's not very french if that's because it's possiably a remake of an american film or that it is heavily influenced by american film. so it's not too hard to get in to. I recomend it. it's really good seriously check it out. it's on netflicks and instant netflicks as well.

I had always wanted to see this show and really i never thought i would then Hulu brought it back. with mind you an episode that never aired.
The Dana Carvey has an impressive cast. At the time unknowns but now wow. None other then Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, and Robert Smigel. All worked on this show. It's also were the amibgiously gay duo came from. ever wonder why Plus you have Dana Carvey towards the end of his prime. He's the main player of this sketch show. which is often good but sometimes a bad thing.
The show does have good sketchs and probably better then you'd think a forgotten show would have. Sure the bob dole jokes are dated but some of them are so funny it really doesn't matter that there old ass bob dole jokes. bob dole is funny in any age.
The show often goes really far into the extreme bizarre odd zone. which I'm not sure who is responisble for knowing all the comedians involved. I would say Colbert or smigel but I feel like Carvey was the ring leader. man it's crazy.
I think this show was funnier when it aired because this was the first place many people saw colbert and carrell and smigel. and not familiar with there comedy. now we are. and it's less intresting as it could have been.
But it's still somewhat of a good show. i think some episodes are iffy. there are only 8. the last one never aired and features a sketch the dana carvey later re did on saturday night live word for word a few years later. but i think he thought it was never gonna see the light of day at that point so can you blame him.
I put my favorite two the first and the last episode below. I think it's fun. i doubt it could ever have gone on much longer then it did. but it's still funny.


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