Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Missouri Breaks and Murder One

alot of people don't like this movie or didn't like it at the time it came out so it bombed. But apprently over time people seem to like it more. I'm not sure why that is cause this is a good movie. It's also the only on screen pairing of Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson. Which sounds more like a movie buff find then an actual good movie. but it is an actual good movie.
Directed by Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde) This mid 70's film is about a group of Outlaws that set up a cover farm in a small town. However this small town has hired a crazy very good guy to keep order around town (played by Brando) and is on to the gang of outlaws.
Brando does a great job playing the villian. This was the first film he did after Last Tango in Paris so he's right at his 70's peak. And you can tell. he really knows how to play a good bad guy. Also the score they gave him was great everytime it layed it made me uneasy which worked very well for the film. Brando also uses his excentric ways helps keep his character also strange.
Nicholson is the real star of the show however. It alot of scenes i feel like he's trying to like school Brando and alot of times he does.For what I've read i think it was cause Brando demanded he have cue cards with his lines off camera. Nicholson i guess didn't like it but it gaev there meetings an adversary relationship that really works.
The film itself is a good 70's western. Kind of a mix between a dark western and something like Butch Cassidy. which is really intresting Arthur Penn has made other westerns. He made the left handed gun. He was usually darker but this seems to have a kind of mainstream heart. like it wants to be artsy but it also wants you to sit down and have a beer with it. I like this movie it's a good western and with two really great actors. if you like either check it out.

Murder one is a show that maybe would play better now then it did then. It was a show that was going to have one murder case be the subject of a whole season. Sound alot like a show that would air on BBC or something for like 6 episodes. However this is a us show and it had the usual 22 or so episodes just on one murder case.
Obviously in the pre dvd pre internet era it was really hard to keep a show like this on. It required people watch everyone including the first episode. so it couldn't really gain in popularity later in the season. It also eventually had very long previously on before episodes by the end of the first season. Unforently the network revamped the show and ended the murder case a season idea (LAME). and made it more of a regular show also firing many major cast memebes. really a shame cause my favorite actor on the show left.
that actor is Daniel Benzali. who plays the main character and head lawyer or whatever theyre called of his firm. he is so awesome. i may watch other stuff he's in cause i like him so much. he just like really brings it to this show. Apprently they wanted the main character in this show to really stand out. and it doesn't matter that Daniel Benzali doesn't look like a tv star. cause he carries himself like a titan of an actor. he rules. it sucks they got rid of him for the second season. so i suggest you don't watch them.
The show also has a b-plot which are episodic unlike the a-plot. I though for a while the b-plot was put there by the network. not sure if that's true or not but the b-plots sometimes feel like they're fighting with the a-plot. like they show wants to be crazy awesome going there kinda shit but then we have our regular b-plot holding us back. however i think it gives the show and intresting dimension because you learn more about the other attorney's at the firm through it which will help the show down the line.
This show is really good and is so 95 it bought a stone temple pilots and totally thinks they're sell outs. really it is sometimes. espically the score. but it's a dam good show and i suggest the first season. i put the first episode under this. start with that. it's a good show.

also i wanna suggest to people really look through hulu cause you can find some really good stuff. i'll be posting more of it. but you might find something i havn't that you like so yeah.


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