Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneakers and Neath the Arizona Skies

To be honest i had never even heard of this movie until this weekend when I saw it. Written and directed by the same guy who directed Field of Dreams Phil Alden Robinson . This is a good kinda more adult family thriller.
You're like adult family thriller the fuck you saying. This isn't a soft pg. i doubt someone would make this now. but sure it's not dirty it's just a lot more adult then we get from pg anymore.
It has a great cast with River Pheonix, Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley, and James Earl Jones. With Robert Redford as the lead. Having all these great people in one movie is certainly one of it's charms and they all do good jobs. Then however you have a terrible sucking you out of the movie performance by Mary McDonnell. She was so bad that i was watching it with a friend and we thought she had to be married to the director or something. I really still don't know how she got this role. She looks so stupid and she plays Redfords love intrest jeezzz man. I really hate her in this cause this movie would have been so much better without her. However it's still has good acting except for her. so try to ignore her even though it's hard.
This movie is very 90's technology super secret kinda thing. It does a really good job. and I have to admit that i wish this had maybe done better and been a bigger hit. I also think if you need a movie that won't suck to watch with an elementary school kid this is a great one. also cause it doesn't suck. and it's not very kid like. so they can feel like they're watching something adult and you don't have to watch whatever crap they wanted to watch.
If you like thriller you will like this movie. or if you like big mysteries it's fun and good which doesn't happen all the time. This movie is from an era that has long since passed. I know there's no Bourne influence or anything. but trust you'll see why that isn't always a good thing. check it out. it's pretty good.

This another John Wayne western from before he really broke big in 39 with Stagecoach. I can defently see him getting better at this whole movie thing with this one. Certainly this was a b picture at the time. I don't know if this is really a b picture in terms of quality. It's pretty good.
John Wayne has to get a indian oil hiress to some place. Apprently she needs to collect 50,000 for some reason. Which i guess at the time was enough to make a lot of trouble over.
Wayne is good playing off this kid. Much like Chaplin did before him and Arnold Schwarzenegger did after him. I'm sure at the time this worked have a star with a kid and has similair results as those two other stars did too. He looks like a caring tough guy with a soul. Wayne is good at pulling it off.
For some reason most of the film wayne and the girl are seperated but suprisingly the film still works. all though i guess that was the selling point in the ads. kinda sucks if that thats what you wanted to see.
I think this is good. i know this is considered a b picture at the time. Made by the lone star studio. It has some lame ass special effects. I don't see why they needed to do this. i feel like sometimes when people own the rights to a movie thats old they just go. what if we odd some lame music or effects. seriously that is dumb. don't do that. however that is minimal and you can still enjoy this movie very much.

check it out below thanx to hulu


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