Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Fugitive and Sexy Beast

This is a very influencial film. in fact you might be able to say that there would be no 400 blows without it. Made by a bunch of still photographers on a tiny budget. It was before people knew what independent film was. but this was one of them.
About a young boy who is concvenced by his older brother and his friends that he was killed his older brother. then he runs to cooney island as what he believes to be a fugitive.
This film much like 400 blows really gets into being a child. The main actor who was not a professional actor does a great job of expressing himself infront of the camera. There's certain scenes with him were you almost feel transported back to childhood. and espically since it's not just kids having fun or being super dramatic. It's just kids being kids alot of the time. It's really a strong suit for the movie to do that.
I can understand at the time why this was a big deal. there weren't many non hollywood films really being screened anywhere. this is very unhollywood and i can understand it's influence.
Truffaut said "Our New Wave would never have come into being if it hadn’t been for the young American Morris Engel, who showed us the way to independent production with [this] fine movie."
I think you can defently see similarities between this and 400 blows. and i still think 400 blows is the better film. but i think they're very different. Obviously Truffaut was very influenced by this film.
This is a really great film and a great film about kids. like real kids. also it's great seeing cooney island the way it was back in the 50's. seemed like a pretty aweosme place. I really recomend this film. it's just a good movie and it does it's job real well.

Sexy Beast is an odd crime movie. most crime movies are more about the crime. this was more about character. how he doesn't want to do it anymore. for the most part Ray Winstone's character is more concenered with living comfortably in spain then doing a job in london.Well until Ben Kingsley shows up.
Really what i like about this movie is that. it's more about the main character is feeling then showing a job. honestly i feel like this just happened to be a gangster film. it could have been about anything. granted a gangster is more intresting then a dentist. or at least al the dentist i've met.
Most crime movies have that theme in a character not usually the whole film which is intresting. I feel like a huge chunck of the film is ben kingsley tryhing to convence him to do it.
Ben Kingsely is very good in this. It's a good part. He defently pulls it off. He's a real asshole. but he's good at being an asshole and he's an asshole you wanna watch from scene to scene. yeah it's one of those movie stealing characters. but in way he had to be. Or else the movie wouldn't have worked.
Ray Winstone also does a great job as the main character. alot of regret in his performance.
The direction was good by music video director Johnathon Glazer. He directed the video virtual insanety and rabbit in the headlights. He shows alot of promise and this has to be one of the better shot films i've seen recently. I kinda hope he gets to direct more movies after seeing this.
This is kind of a simpler gangster film in a good way only focusing on the little stuff. it's not as straight ahead as a long good friday. sure a long good friday is better. but this film is good enough that it's still worth a watch. I rarely see action films this intrested in character. It also defently has a good energy to it. It's a weird feel but it's good.

watch the movie here or a Johnathon Glazer below this.


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