Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swing flu, The Tv Set , and Octane

Watch this video to see the deadly effects of the Swine Flu

HEHEHEHE I'm totally reposting this all over the place today.

This is a movie about a tv show going from pilot season to being put on the air. Showing all the changes that can happen to a show while dealing with a network. the director of the film Jake Kasdan has experience with this. He was a tv director and producer for such shows as Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. So I'm sure some of this stuff is real. So in some ways this movie is really intesting.
In other way though it's not. This film goes into too many subplots that are both unessary and a bit overkill. Really alot of these subplot don't really help the film There just mearly there. Some I even like however the ending is kind of a dud. sure we get to the show to that point. but alot of the story didn't really end at all. or well it did. it just wasn't very satisfying.
Ioan Gruffudd has a wife in the film played by Lucy Davis (of The Office (original or uk version)). sure she does a great job in all her scenes and i liked her in the film. but it didn't really work for me.
Yeah this movie defently has it's moments and it's more good then bad. I mean Sigourney Weaver does a good job as an executive. as does David Duchovny as the creator of the show. but it just didn't really go deep enough or far enough like the guy is compromising this show that means alot to him. I don't know. I mean it was good don't get me wrong.
Listen this might sound dicky but it kinda felt like a tv director made it and well sure it is good and you'll have a good time. so yeah.

FUCK THIS MOVIE. seriously this movie sucks. It's a horror movie about this girl and her mom who are driving for 6 hours cause her dad lives far away and then while driving home the daughter goes off with some freaky travlers or something. jeez this movie was bad.
This is one of those horror movies where you think is this supposed to scare me. like i don't get it.
The acting in this was pretty lame. I don't really get why people like Mischa Barton cause she can't act. like at all but that probably explains why the only reason we hear about her is on tv gossip shows and magazines rather then actual movies. cause she fucking sucks. This movie also had Bijou Phillips who i thought was famous for being famous or something. apprently she justifys that by making this movie or something.
I don't know why Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in this but I'm assuming cause he's not in it very much they were like we'll pay you a shit ton and you don't have to do too much.
This movie isn't structured well. it's just falls on it's face. with shit it started. like at the end they just bring up huge things that could have been I don't know foreshadowed earlier. but no they just went like oo yeah well did you know this. ok that might be a great way to have an argument but this is a movie. so it didn't work.
Like i just don't get this movie.
The only good thing i can say at least they were just freaky people who drank blood and not lame ass vampires like twilight. cause if your not gonna go full vampire then you might as well stay home. so i'll give them that. this movie sucks and man the logic in this movie doesn't even make sense. like in a way the sticks out like a sore thumb. fuck this movie. never see it. fuck this movie for real.

fuck this movie


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