Tuesday, May 05, 2009

knowing and spanish apartment

This movie is really. well it's ridiculous. really ridiculous. it's a fun ride though. not sure if it's really a good movie. I mean there's some really good imagery in this film. some that are very haunting and stick out. but then you have unessary awesome car sequences. i mean sure there awesome. but i didn't get the point other then like. hey we had some extra budget left over or something.
Some of the stuff in this is a little over doing it too. And I'm not talking about the plot cause i think that could have been done good. well maybe. but the actual film is all kinds of odd.
There was one sequence with a burning forest that you won't be able to get out of your head. and thats kind of the problem with the film. sure some stuff is good but overall it's a dam mess. and the ending jesus. I mean sure this is directed by the guy who made Dark City. I love Dark City. hell i even don't mind The Crow. but obviously those days have passed for him. the fact that this is the best film i've seen from him since Dark City isn't a good sign. I wish he was the director we all wanted him to be.
This more of a ooo wow did you see that it was ridiculous then a good film. I know some people either love it or hate it. i just think it's worth one watch as odd as it is. I thin you'll be glad you did it but you'll probably never do it again.

This was alot of fun. It's kind of a fun movie about a bunch of young collage age people living in an apartment in spain. they are all from different countries but there all friends and stuff.
I really like this movie. One of the better charms of it. is that they make it almost like your not sure whats gonna happen. which is probably how the characters are thinking. it defently helped when i wanted to get into the film.
They also have a close bond which is both fun cause you like the characters and cause it helps advance the film very well.
Romain Duris is fast becoming one of my more favorite actors. after this and a beat my heart skipped I'm really digging him. we should put him in more stuff or i should see more stuff with him in it. probably i should see more stuff but yeah.
Audrey Tautou isn't really in this that much i guess she got the poster cause she famous and shit. but really she isn't in it all that much.
If you wanna see a fun foreign film. check this out. or if you just wanna see a fun movie you should check it out. hey it's a better film then knowing.


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