Monday, May 04, 2009

Obsessed and the G.I. Executioner

Throw this one on the sooo bad it's good. It might be so bad you can't believe this bad it to the big screen rather then straight to lifetime. It's kind of like a lifetime movie. but the man didn't do anything wrong and in lifetime movies that never happens.
The majority of the movie is Ilbis Elba and Allie larter's characters. Beyonce is really not in it that much. Sure she was her cat fight at the end but that was really her characters only funciton in the film. Other characters in the film are also only there for the plot. Jerry o Connel is only there for expostion. or to same a comment that helps move the plot. temp more like temptress. good one.
I don't know what it is about this movie. maybe cause i can't believe they made such a gleefully bad movie. like it screams b picture. I feel like there is no way they didn't feel like they were making a b movie. Maybe they really wanted this to mean something. i really doubt that cause this is obsessed.
This movie isn't good and if you havn't seen fatal attraction i seriously recomend it over this. but if you wanna see a bad movie that you can have a bunch of beers with. well Obsessed is it. really even the battle for tera can't compete with this one. I kinda wish more people would make movie this bad. but not too many people.

The only thing I knew about this movie going in was that it was directed by the same guy who did Blood Sucking Freaks. This really isn't that much like that movie. It's more of a odd b detective movie. the music is coo though and really drives the film. if you ever wondered how important music is see this movie and it'll rock your world. also then the music's own they try to put on some sweet images and stuff.
But the odd thing is that most of the film is shot like a b movie. then some parts and done really well. a sequence in an empty apartment building was awesome. and i really liked it. like not in a b movie way. it was really good. same with other parts. It was almost like they had two crews but the a crew was more expensive so they only used they when it counts. This movie defently shows this guy can make a coo sequence and kinda knows what he's doing. it was weird like why would you only make parts really good oo well.
One notable thing about this movie. it's tagline was "The wildest nude shootout in film history!" well i don't really know if that's still true cause i am not a nude shootout film expert. but yes it does have one. it's not that wild but it is notable in the film. it's weird to see people get killed nude. It was one of the more bizarre parts of this film. really why sell it on that it wasn't in it that much but it's still fun. just don't only see it for that. it can be like that extra thing your gonna get. like i don't know. like bread at a restaurant. don't go there for it but it's nice when it shows up.
Lee Canalito playing the lead may be an odd choice for a leading man but he defently does a good job. i like knd of how unconventinal he was. i would see him in something else if i could too.
This is not a troma movie they just released it.
This is a coo cult b-movie if your into that kinda thing you'll like it. everyone else it's not for them. but they're not gonna check out the G.I. Executioner anyway. coo fun cult b-movie. if you love blood sucking freaks. you'll like this.

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