Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Devils Hand and Mutual Appreciation

This is an intresting and coo cult horror film. and when i say cult i mean like there is a cult in it. but it is also a cult movie. does that make sense.
Starring Alan Alda's dad (Robert Alda) and The guy who played Police Commissioner Gordon on the Adam West Batman (Neil Hamilton). This movie is Strange and kind of the perfect discovery at really late at nite or very early in the morning.
This is a very really horror movie to use a cult as the villian. this really wasn't as normal as it is now. I guess they were more in to vampires or something. not really sure why. But this is still and early one. and while maybe it's no rosemary's baby. it's still a really coo movie.
It's one of those b-movies that somehow transcends being a b-movie and turns into something more intresting. I've seen b-movies that are b-movies. this isn't one of them. in fact at first you may not get it but by the end you will.
I mena they worship a god called Jamba. seriously and they use dolls to control and harm people. Also Commissioner Gordon as a bad guy. like how often are you gonna see these actors. really this is a kind of strange ass obscure stars align kinda shit.
I like this movie very odd but worth watching. also it's only a little over an hour so it's not a big commitment.

I also wanna say thanks to hulu cause this isn't like a normal kinda movie. it's coo they had the balls to put it up.
watch it here.

Anoter mumblecore movie. this the second from Andrew Bujalski who also directed Funny ha ha. everyone think this mumblecore thing will be influencial in the future. not sure how true that will be. But This I think will be remember for being one of the few decent films about Brooklyn's Williamsberg area. well it just kinda takes place there but it's still a good movie.
A little slow in fact what the film is marketed as. isn't what really the film is about. I really think the film is more about this musican who just moved to new york.
I think this film is alot better made then Funny ha ha like the acting is better. it's made better all that stuff. but i still think funny ha ha is my favorite of the mumblecore movies. However on it's own this movie works and if you asked me to name a mumblecore movie that wasn't funny ha ha it would be this one.
It was intresting how he used Justin Rice of the band Bishop Allen to be the musican and use music from that bands first album. Bujalski has used other members of the band in his previous film. It works so that you don't have some generic indie music your using a real indie band which helps with the feel of the film.
This film may not be as accessible but it is good. I like the black and white look instead of just going digital it gives Andrew Bujalski's films a more humble look then digital. I also love grain and how he used it with williamsbeg was coo.
This film is still a mumblecore movie and the relationships are really odd. Not sure if the resalution would really be realistic. However i know people who do stupid shit like that so many it is.
Regardless this is a good movie. I think in 20 years I'll be at moma and this be part of the brooklyn independent film makers show or something. But if you wanna get into the whole mumblecore thing then see funny ha ha first but then see this.


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