Monday, May 18, 2009

NEW nockFORCE video and Assualt of Precinct 13

Join nockFORCE on a musical journey through the bay bride (live action style)

More bridges at

This track off the nockFORCE mixtape The Seige of Death Mountain

Starring the cast of the yes i love it music video

Sunday nite rap up

King of the hill (fox and adult swim)
Aqua teen hunger force
The mighty boosh

This movie is way more awesome then you know. This is the film John Carpentar made before halloween. in fact right before this goes right before halloween in any filmography. Honestly i thought this was going to be as well directed. what shocked me is how well made this film was.
They took a western structure and just made it in to a modern day action film. And it works very well. one of the criminals who helps them acts and looks like an outlaw from the old west. John Carpentar knew his movies and this film shows it. Most of the film is in the police station with the characters defending the precinct. which is an obvious night of the living dead influence. but it never gets to were i just feel like he's refrenceing all over the dam place. he know how to use these things to make this work.
The actors work really well. I'm guessing this is why he picked veteran actors rather then just unknowns. i was suprised he could direct them so well. I think cause Halloween not really know for acting.
The music is really good and i didn't know how many rap guys used it before. it sounds like kraftwerk. yet it's John Carpentar. yeah the director. it's way more itnresting then the halloween score. which is really simple in comparrison. but this score fucking awesome. really great score.
Honestly this movie is so good i will get the dvd. fucking rules. John Carpentar was almost a fucking good at a certain point. he just made some great movies. this may be the begining of that. really even if you arn't down with his other stuff. check this out. really awesome.

also it's on instant netflix if you got that

listen to this


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