Thursday, May 14, 2009

passin on class, shakedown, and Mad Dog and Glory

Recently Sva had ther animation thesis night thing. This was my favorite one and everytime i show it to people they love it. so i figured I'd pass it along. this was really great. I know the animation isn't the best. but who cares as long as the film is good and this is a really good funny short. check it out


Peter Weller (right after the first robocop) and Sam Elliot sharing an action movie together isn't really something you'd go hunting for on names alone. But let me tell you I hope both of them make more stuff together.
This movie about police corruption sure isn't serpico but it's still fun. Not maybe as important. but it gets its job done like cheap beer or something. like there's tons of parts were your like what for real. but the movie manages to pull it off and be good but maybe like a good law and order episode. but it's good at it.
Like there was only one part at the end i said come on and that was effect mainly.
I like seeing a crappy new york in the late 80's defently looked good for a cop conspiracey movie. At the time new york was seedyier which makes the two leads look like the good guys. it's simple black and white almost kinda shit.
Sam Elliot who played the cowboy who controled the polar bear in the golden compass. Plays an even more awesome guy in this. He's some bad ass cop from Texas who for some reason is in new york. but he's awesome. in fact i want more bad ass Sam Elliot. fucking awesome.
Peter Weller is in the film the most and the film really centers around him. He does a great job and you may not think so since he was like robocop. but he can act. and he does a decent job. He's a lawyer not a bad ass cop but he's still coo.
If you willing to sit through a kinda silly cop movie that really is fun and good. then see Shakedown sure it's not amazing but it's fun and you'll have a good time. and for real Sam Elliot was awesome. see it for Same Elliot alone awesome

If i told you there was a movie about a gangster who gets his life saved by a normal guy and i said bill murray and robert de niro were in it. you would think de niro plays the gangster and bill murray plays the normal guy. well that's what makes this movie kinda special. Both playing intresting roles that really you'd think they should switch but they don't. and to be honest it's intresting enough for the movie to work.
Bill Murray is good at playing a crime boss and I think I'm more impressed with his acting when he's not being as serious. He was really coo in this.
A more quiet role for De niro which I guess you could consider shocking. I'm never shocked when i see him do a good role. might be his last really good role. not sure but it's defently among the last.
This is a good comedy. and a strange one. the kinda thing you tell people about and they sort of don't believe you but i think it's worth checking out. i posted a embed of it below.


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