Friday, May 15, 2009

Not for nothing, Mexican Spitfire, and Contamination

Who says you can't make stuff at work. The guys who work with me came up with this video. and my involvement is very low. but i really like it. It's are various impressions of my boss with a techno beat. check it out.

This film was a part of TCM's latino images in film thing they've got going on this month. This is kind of an intresting choice cause some could call it kinda racist. However I think the theme of someone being shut out of society and keep trying iis an intresting one. I understand why it can be considered racist but really this is a good movie.
It's a very good comedy. almost perfectly structured. It sets it self up well and even when you sometimes see it coming. the jokes still work. the cast really went for it and this comedy really worked. one of my more favorite from the time period.
A plot about a mexican girl engaged to a angleo guy and how his family doesn't really like him much. I liked the villians in this cause they worked very well. you might not think about it. They're kinda back ground or something but i liked how well they could play the whole white people elitst thing.
Lupe VĂ©lez is a really great comedic actress. She's playing a character that is really cartoonie but she's very good at holding her own with and stealing the show in more scenes then you'd think. She was a perfect person to have a whole film based around. of course this was a series and i have to say i understand why cause she really fells like she could do it and from this film alone she can.
This is a really good old comedy. i like it alot and i think the themes work well that it knows racism is bad but has to use it to make it's point. making it man. i just liked this comedy if you get the chance see mexican spitfire.

before last night i didn't know who Lupe Velez was. Then i looked her up on wikipedia and i know her life, saw pictures of her, and read a section from her suicide note. The internet is a crazy thing.
Anyway she was coo looking. like super coo i'm fucking hot as shit kinda thing. anyway i just wanted to leave some pictures of her on here.

This movie seems cooler then it really is. and the special effects they use in it makes you think that this will be some gore fest. instead this is kinda just a b-movie with some coo parts.
The coo parts are awesome and almost such epic gore scenes that you will stick around. but i really wish there were more of them. i mean sure there were alot of them but not enough.
Watching people explode from the inside was pretty coo espically when the mouse explodes that is sick.
But as for this being legandary and banned for it. i really don't see it. it wasn't that bad.
One of the it's worse moments was what felt like a 20 minute scene with a alien egg in the bathroom with this girl. it just was so slow and so badly pacied.
The music however was awesome. and i have to hand it to whoever goblin is. is that like a nine inch nails thing or is that a guys name. i loved his score for Zombie and this is equally awesome. good synth score from 1980.
This isn't really a good movie beyond the score. I think it's stupid but you won't hate it. it's just not a gore thing. it's more of a b-movie with awesome gore parts.

however why watch it when someone made an awesome under 1 min. you tube video with all the best parts and sweet music


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