Friday, May 22, 2009

the big hit and videos

I remember when this came out and i wanted to see it. it thought it looked coo. however i never got around to it. and even on video. i heard mark walberg was good in boogie nights but this was his star vechile. anyway yeah so this was long time coming to see this. i guess i'm glad i finally did it.
somewhere between excess bagage and go lies this movie. it's a fun 90's action movie. it's successful for the most part. Having really crazy action sequences. lots of guns like a ton of gun and shooting. i guess this one of those hey you saw pulp ficition you know. remember hit man can be funny and have real lives and stuff. personally i prefer Grosse Point blank which might be my favorite in that. of course i am excluding pulp fiction itself.
The soundtrack is stuffed full of hype 90's music. even having some ska. ooo ska i can't believe ska was popular. espically the 90's version of ska. i mean ska like traditional ska amazing. reel big fish not so much. ewwwwwww. Hearing the soundtrack reminded me why i stayed away from alot of movies like this when i was a teenager. It just doesn't sound good. i don't just hate movies for pop music i hated movies that can't use pop music well.
I know these soundtracks are mostly made up of studio left overs and b-sides of artists who arn't really that good to begin.
The movie itself is odd it wants to be generation x but it was 98 and obviously that was almost over. and the whole teen movie thing hadn't really started yet. so this is kind of in the weird limbo that was the mid 90's.
they even have a thign with a video store. which was really terrible. i remembered siskel complaining about that in his review of this movie. i agree it blew. the comedic value of that character was equal to the comedy in those mary kate and ashley olsen movies.
the action sequences were coo. and the begining i was like yeah this will be fun. unforerntly i didn't get that movie. but i had fun. i know there were problems but i had fun. not sure if i would really reccomend it or even see it again. but if you wanna see the movie i've been talking about then see it. but otherwise i think you will live a happy life without it.

sometimes i just wanna post videos

this video shows how good western fries from royal farms really are

look who sent them a package

more about the song then the video.


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