Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The devil and daniel webster and Crackers

This is a really good movie. it's about a guy who has a pretty crappy life and then the devil shows up and much like Black Sabbath says he can be a success if he sells his soul. but in 7 years he will come back to collect.
The premise is good enough but the film doesn't rely on it. it keeps it going further with it. Edward Arnold does a really great performance as the guy who sells his soul. seeing him slowly loss his humanity in a way. I often wondered if the devil was slowly taking away his soul. but he wasn't. however i guessing he was selling out.
They defently use religion very well in this film. showing good vs. evil. maybe a little black and white to some but it really helped the film be clear.
John Huston does a great job as the devil or as he's called in this movie scratch.He even has a nice little beard to go along. I don't know what it is about little beards that makes people evil. it's probably cause your like why did you do that. you don't trust there facial hair decision.
this was made during a great time for hollywood. this came out the same year as citizne kane. and a year before casablanca. hollywood was really on fire.
Also this movie is shot really really well. the cinematography was mad perfectly. also the editing there is alot of really coo stuff going on in this movie
This movie is really good and i would defently say put it in the classics categorey. It's very perfect. it's also really entertaining. You won't get bored and it doesn't get overly preachy. thank god. check this out it's worth your time for real.

The simpsons treehouse of horror segment the devil and daniel webster from the fifth season. was heavily influenced by this film.

Orignally this was called all that money can buy. here's a poster

This is a more hollywood film from french director Louis Malle right after he had made several good english language films Pretty Baby , Atlantic City , and My Dinner with Andre. this was all back to back mind you. then he made this movie.
This movie is slightly a mis step. With a score filled with 80's pop songs. seems odd form a guy who brought us a miles davis score. cause umm there not good 80's pop songs. sometimes it works for the film and sometimes it doesn't.
I was wondering if maybe he wanted to do a lighter movie. as a light movie this movie works. it has a great cast maybe a cast that's too good for the actual film. Sean Penn, Donald Sutherland, and Wallace Shawn.
I think in the end this film works but it's kinda a mess and i think you'd be wondering what the fuck for most of it. but it's a good light movie. and if you want a light movie i guess you could go worse.

oo man that doesn't really sound good. well just see elevator ot the gallows or something. if you want see this


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