Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freinheigh 451 and The end of violence

This is truffaut's only english language film and it doesn't really fit in with the rest of his french filmography. but i still liked this movie. i know this movie gets alot of shit. but it's really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
I think the problem that I personally think was the biggest problem was the lead. yeah ok Osker Werner is good. but i think they needed someone with more presence. like a star i guess or at least someone more fun to watch. i don't need a star to sell a movie but i think for some films they need it. Sure this works and it's a good movie but it could have been alot better with a better performance.
Alot of critics picked on and i say picked on cause for real they were Julie Christies performance in this as she is playing two different people. i thought it was good not much room to like blow me away but she wasn't a flightie as they wanted me to think. I kinda hate when people just hate something that is popular or stylish just cause it is popular of stylish. She was good.
I like seeing older sci-fi films view of the future. Espically the kind of fashions they imagine for the future.
They kind of over simplafy other forms of media. sure books are great but i don't know if everyone would become stupid if they left. however the movie works very well.
Sure this movie had problems but it's a more intresting 60's sci-fi film then most at the time. I think Truffaut had alot to do with that. It's kind of an odd film made by a major studio but it kinda stay being an american movie. it's odd but not super odd just it's artistic voice is whats odd.
If you like sci-fi you should see this movie. it's good and an engaging film experience. also i think it's better then that michael moore movie and no I'm not talking about Canandian Bacon.

Recently i reviewed Higher Learning this film reminds me alot of that film. the mid nintes had a big problem with it. high minded idealism. gangsta rap looked to extreme so we had to go all soft. hey even Dr. Dre had to put out been there done that. well he didn't have to but he did. the early 90's weren't gonna last and 95 and 96 were signs that generation x was on it's way out. probably because of all that bullshit high minded idealism.
However this film seems to be one of the better parts of that then any i have seen. It doesn't get to extreme. it trys to really say something. Also it's considered a meditation on idealism. meaning it's not really saying a strict message about violence it's more asking you hey think about it. Which is alot nicer. cause who likes being beaten over the head with things.
Bill pullman's character is the focus of the film and entertaining to watch. i liked seeing where he was going. and the film rewarded me with great stuff. I don't know if he really changed. starting out as a big hollywood action producer then learning life can be simpler. but not in a bullshit cheezy way.
The film does and i fucking hate when people do this. simplify's rap without really knowing anything about it. you know baby boomers (cause i'm assuming wim wenders is one or close too it) your parents didn't make good movies and shows with lame as intrepertations of rock stars as much as you have with rappers. whats up with that. like for real i know flintstones did stuff like that but i mean in serious movies they never stuff as stupid as your generation did with rap. for real what is up with that.
However the actor who plays the rap guy is coo. K. Todd Freeman is an intresting guy to watch and i hope he's in more stuff. apprently he was in the dark knight but i don't remember that.
Andie mcdowel man i really don't get why people like you that much.
Also a really awesome actor Daniel Benzali who i loved in murder one has a small apperance. i love seeing that guy even if he only had a few scenes. more people should use that guy.
Anyway coo movie. better then most trying to do what it did at the time. in fact if i had to make a high ideal 90's movie top 10 this would defently be high up there. but to compete with mindwalk and high learning ooo man what a challenge.

o yeah everyone site makes a big deal that this movie recreated a famous painting below is that recreation. if you can't tell your fucking stupid. like for real is that even trivia. whatever


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