Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Film Students and Three days of the condor

This is a movie i made when i was in film school. it was almost 5 years ago. i should have put this up all ready but i took my time. it's the only real film i shot on well film. it cost way more then it would on video. but i really wanted to make one thing on film. cause you know i was in film school.
This has never been online before. i screened it alot in 2004 and 2005. It played well at screenings and i remember i got it in to as many film screenings as i possiably could at the time. mostly cause i knew it would be a bitch to get online in 2004. since then i guess it hasn't been seen much but now it's on youtubes.
I kinda like this movie cause it's my only real comedy that's not a cletus episode or anything.
I just wanted to make like a satire on film stuendts so yeah. check it out.

This movie is fucking awesome. why see any thriller when you have not seen this. Redford brings it in this movie. this also makes me wanna see more sydney pollack. It's just like dam. there are so thrillers were your like yeah it was just a thriller. well fuck that see this balls to the wall thriller.
This is really well made like hitchcock well made. but this isn't like hitchcock. i mean sure he's probably seen hitchcock. but i really felt pollack put his own stamp on this. I really felt this was his own shit. I really respect Pollack way more then i did before. i mean sure eyes wide shut. but this man this was good.
Then you have faye dunaway who my gf said looks different in every movie we see her in. that's defently true. she doesn't always get the respect she deserves she good too.
But Redford dam man you look good when you pop that coat collar. look up at that poster. he looks awesome. if i was redford i would always wear coats like that. that's probably why he likes in sundace ummmm aaaaa well where ever that is it's cold. He was really good in this movie. like sometimes i doubt actors and even why people are stars. but redford kills in this movie.
This is a perfect movie to watch with a girl cause it's good and redford is at his all time sexy peek. so she'll like it too. but on top of that this movie rules. if you havn't seen this or it's been a while this is a sweet as hell movie. like wow. seriously check it out.


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