Thursday, June 04, 2009

age of innocence and black friday

Like i wrote about Bug Life before this is the last Scoresse i had left to see. all though i have never really sat down with casino. well i have seen casino but it's confusing.
This was very good Daniel day-lewis is always good and is a perfect lead to take on any film. espically in this one. I really like how relatable he is when he's still really good with his craft.
The best thing is this film really has an energy to it. alot of grip with 90's period pieces is alot of them are really fucking boring. like extremly fucking boring. like so boring i was like is it cause i was a kid when i was watching these or is this overly too long. oooo my god like the english patient or something. there are probably other but thankfully i have forgotten them.
Scoresse doesn't do that here. he makes it fun and always seems to find a way to make work. like i was really honestly suprised by the energy in this film. there was a shot of wiona ryder that is so Scoresse but a normal period piece at the time wouldn't dare do it. he even does some even kinda odder stuff but it works so well and has a reason behind it.
It's a very well made film. i was really into how he shot plays that they went to. it was really pro. i even went oooo man thats good. just really great.
I would recomend this to people who like those boring period pieces snore. i mean i guess someone has to like dutchess (i forget if i wrote about that but it was bland as bland can be). this will knock there socks off. this is violent scoresse. if you ever were someone who thought he was super violent see this movie. i think it's a great period piece and if i had to choose what the best period pieces of the 90's were. then this would totally be on there.

This is a great and very well made horror movie from the 30's. Both Bela Legosi and Boris Karloff do really great jobs. but Stanley Ridges is the real star of this film. bring to life to different characters stuck in the same mans body.
See the plot is that this professor of english literature is hit by a car driven by the mob that crash's. he has tons of brain damage. but he is sent to the hospital with one of the mobsters. so boris karloff decideds to put the mobsters brain into the professor of english literature. i mean what could go wrong with that right.
Well it really works very well. i really like this movie.
Bela Legosi is really in it that much. but he does a great job being a mob boss. he has the accent which gives him a kind of strange quality that i quite liked.
Boris Karloff is really great as the doctor. He pulls it off so effortlessly. I think it's coo how creepy he could be in this film but still you followed him.
I really liked this movie and if your in the mood for an old black and white horror film. you can't go wrong with this one.


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