Friday, May 29, 2009

a bugs life and videos

Before i had seen a bugs life i thought antz was the better of these two. however now that i have seen both i changed my mind.
Bug's life is usually called a lesser pixar work. but lesser Pixar is still better then say the best dreamworks.
This movie defently starts out slow. well ok slow for pixar movie. but it can really get going and i was suprised how into i got. like i really liked how they made this movie.
I think the thing about this movie is they are really more making a cartoon then say antz which uses less cartoon acting. however i think the acting in this movie works alot better then say antz. but i know animation is a silly thing and woody allen is doing is more adult thing. but this works really really well.
If you have never seen this one. i suggest you. sure they have better movies but whateva this is still really good.


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