Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They were expendable and blast of silence

For some reason people often think that anti war films started post vietnam and even ww2 anti war movies started with saving private ryan. well then your dumb. were did you hear that anyway. i can make up shit too that doesn't make it true.
John Ford has won 2 best director oscars back to back then he went to war for a few years. this was his first film after all that. oo yeah and after this he made my darling clemente. pretty fucking crazy.
This film isn't i guess entirely anti war but it doesn't make it look that good either. i mean it's called they were expendable not they were really welcome or something. I mean expendable dam. and that's pretty much what's going on in this movie. there not very respected sometimes. but thats because things have to go that way to let the war work. it's depressing. like and they still work for the army and follow orders but man. I've never seen a war movie like this. i think they still wanted to fight for there country but it was a hard life. They have to follow orders they think are bullshit. they get there phone calls cut off cause i big officer needs to make a important call. there not treated like the greatest generation here. it's really kind of just well it's a great movie. and the fact Ford got the army to help out.
There is a really good scene with John Wayne and Donna Reed were they are being romantic. then they just listen to bombs going off in the distance. you just watch them like kind look out and listen to them. really great scene.
I really love this movie and i know John Ford himself hated it actually. but i think it's one of the better ww2 movies i have ever seen. it's really worth checking out. everyone is good in and it's masterfully directed. oooo yeah and the action sequences are amazing. this movie is really good. i highly reccomend it.

This is really good low budget noir. filmed on location in new york city. This film shows that what you really need sometimes for a film is really good characters. that defently helped this film alot. We have a good protaganist. we spend alot of time with him walking around the city with naration. which worked really well. basically it's a simply made scene. there isn't much needed. but the dark new york city streets with the lights and his narration works so well it's like a painting or something. Something are so noir that they will always be noir this is one of those.
This film has a really really strong supporting character in a gun dealer who keeps rats as pets. i don't know if i can really describe him. but he's great. seriously he is awesome. like he's worth seeing the movie for alone.
but this is a great movie and i think the kind of low budget film making that i love. it's very effective and it works. but i also never really thought about ooo well they couldn't do that cause it's low budget it's very organic in that way.
if you like noir and you've never see this do you'll love. or even if you havn't. it's great.


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